Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Samrat is shocked to see Aaliya hanging from a ceiling. Revati walks in and she is also shocked to see that. Samrat gets her down and finds a note that she is committing suicide Mohit ditched her and married Ishani. He rushes her to hospital. A teacher calls student Prem’s mother and asks ther to reach hospital soon as he suffered an injury. Mother applying makeup rudely says let him be at the hospital. Nayan takes phone and says her son needs her. Mother says she is a single mother who has to both work and take care of her son, she is busy right now and can’t come. Nayan says this woman is so rude. Teacher says this woman is same, she never attends PTM or picks Prem. Nayan says she will go and bring burger for Prem.

Malti with family returns home after renovation and hesitates to perform graha pravesh without Nayan. Nayan brings burger for Prem. Prem says he was hungry since morning and his mother never gives him tiffin. Ishani gets Malati’s call and walks out to speak. She notices Samrat and Revati bringing Aliya on a stretcher in an unconscious state and asks what happened ot Aliya. Samrat gets angry seeing her and says Aliya tried to commit suicide because of her, she thought about Ishani and got her married to Mohit without thinking about Aliya. Nayan blames him in return and says he should have explained his sister that Mohit doesn’t love her and would have left her even if she had married him forcefully. Samrat shouts at her to shut up and warns that if something happens to Aliya, he will not spare her.

Ishani takes Mohit to her room. Mohit gets romantic and tries to get intimate with her when Chintu knocks door and says he needs his books. Mohit says he should take whatever he wants to at once and go. Chintu takes his notes and leaves. Ishani taunts Mohit. Mohit gets intimate again. Paati knocks door next and disturb them.
Sam says Nayan and her family are a curse for his family, their life is ruined since they entered their life. Nayan says her family didn’t do anything. Revati says Aaliya wrote a suicide note with accusing Mohit and Ishani for abetting her to commit sucicide. Sam says he will not spare Ishani and Mohit now. Nayan asks what will he do. Sam says he already did and its a surprise. Mohit gets intimate again when he hears door knock again and opens it angrily. Police walks in to arrest them in abetting Aaliya to commit suicide.

Nayan asks Sam what will he do with Mohit and Ishani. Sam says Nayan said law is equal for everyone, now same law will get him justice; like Nayan sent him to jail, he will send Mohit and Aaliya to jail in abettment to sucicide case. Nayan says she will not let him do that. Sam says he already did, police must have arrested Mohit and Ishani by now. Police arrests Mohit and Ishani. Malati returns home and asks reason. Inspector says they both forced Aaliya to commit suicide. Mohit asks when did Aaliya commit suicide. Inspector says some time ago and asks them to pray that nothing happens to Aaliya. Malati says its a wrong allegation as Mohit and Ishani love each other and are married. Inspector take them away. Nayan accuses Sam of trying to take revenge from them and destroy their family and says she will not let him do that. Sam says not this time.

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