Woh Toh Hai Albela 24th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Sayuri continues to address Kanha disguised in burqa as tailor ben/sister and asks him to take Kuku’s dress measurement first. Kanha thinks he can’t speak in front of Kuku and should do as Sayuri says. Rashmi speaks to her friend Vidya and calls her home to fix her alliance with Kanha. Daadi Mausi asks when did she meet that girl and how does she know her. Rashmi says she will like that girl a lot once she meets her, she is perfect for Kanha. Kanha takes Kuku’s dress measurement. Sayuri signals him at CCTV camera. Kanha realizes that Vikrant fixed cameras to spy on Sayuri.

Saroj walks to Nakul’s room and reminds him about a childhood story where Kanha used to take care of him and love him so much. She says he knows how much Kanha loves him, she doesn’t know what happened between Ram and Laxman, but she can’t see them fighting. Nakul recalls Kanha and Sayuri’s love for him. Rashmi overhears their conversation and thinks everyone are trying to fail her plan, but she will not give up so easily. Yash follows Vikrant again and hopes Kanha picks call soon and leave from there before Vikrant reaches there. Rashmi eagerly waits for her friend Vidya hoping to control Chaudhry house after getting Vidya married to Kanha. Vidya reaches. Rashmi introduces her as her childhood friend. Indu asks how come they never met Vidya till now. Rashmi says Sayuri knows Vidya well. Vidya impresses Saroj and Daadi Mausi with her trained answers.

Kanha writes a note for Sayuri that he saw CCTV cameras and wants to know how to talk to her. Vikrant reaches home. Sayuri gets tensed and hides Kanha’s given note. Vikrant asks tailor/Kanha why is she wears gent’s shoes. Sayuri says its an unis*x shoes and asks her to go and prepare her dress soon. Vikrant crosslegs her and makes her fall. Kanha hiding behind thanks god that he saw Yash’s message on time and replaced himself with a tailor girl. Vidya continues to impress Saroj and Daadi mausi and leaves. Saroj tells Daadi mausi that Vidya seems to be a perfect match for Kanha. Daadi mausi says she shouldn’t be in a hurry and should test 2-3 more girls. Saroj says why should she meet other girls when she already found a good one, she is sure Vidya can replace Sayuri in Kanha’s life.

Vikrant apologizes tailor lady and sends her away. Sayuri hides note in her dress. Vikrant holds Kuku and Sayuri’s hands and say they are his life and should stay with him forever. Sayuri says they will never leave him and asks him to go and freshen up while she prepares food for him. Vikrant leaves. Sayuri informs Kuku that the one who took her measurement was Kanha. She thinks Kanha took risk to save her, she also needs to put effort to free herself from Vikrant’s grip.

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