Udaariyaan 24th January 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Shamsher asking Advait and Nehmat to come. He says Advait and Nehmat are going to become parents soon. Advait and Nehmat look at him shocked. Even the family is shocked. Advait looks at Nehmat. Shamsher says a new member is coming in the family, I m going to become Dada. Veronica and Harleen look on from far. Everyone claps and congratulates them. Guard asks Veronica to come out, there is police and media. He takes her outside. Shamsher smiles. Neeru asks how can this happen, Advait doesn’t even see her face, how did she get pregnant. Naaz says Nehmat has lied to Shamsher. Neeru asks why is Shamsher lying. Rama says congrats, I m so happy for you. Neeru says your position will get weak. Rama asks Neeru to give sweets. She feeds the sweets to Nehmat. Advait says Nehmat, I really don’t know, we will talk later. Nikhil plays dhol. He asks them to dance. Nehmat makes Advait away. She goes crying. Ekam says I was getting bored and came home. Renuka says its your age to have fun. He says Nehmat was also there, she was away from me, I didn’t understand anything, I m tired, I will change and come. Nehmat stumbles. Advait holds her. She gets angry and makes him away.

Rama asks are you fine, Nehmat, you have to take much care of yourself now. Neeru says yes, enough of social service, we want the heir healthy and fine. Rama says yes, she is sensible, she knows what’s right and what’s wrong, we forgive your mistakes, I have no complains now, God bless you, I m sure that your distance will end after this baby comes. She gives Nehmat’s hand to Advait. Nehmat says stop it aunty ji, no baby is coming, I m not pregnant. Rama looks at her. Nehmat says you know Advait and I have no relation, how can you believe this news. Neeru says she is saying she isn’t pregnant, did Shamsher lie. Nehmat says yes, it was a lie. Rama asks why would he lie. Nehmat says I don’t know, I know I m not pregnant. She asks Advait to say something. She goes. Shamsher and everyone come. Rama asks why did you lie. Shamsher says I told the media that Nehmat is pregnant. He asks Advait to go and tell the truth to Nehmat, explain her. Advait goes. Shamsher asks them not to worry. He says I thought of it well, I m doing this to fix Advait’s problems. Neeru says Nehmat will not sit quiet. Naaz says they would have made me a maid, I got saved, I will see how Nehmat handles this lie, I have to talk to Jasmin, what is she doing.

Ekam thinks I know Nehmat is hurt and hiding something. Nehmat cries. She says this news will reach everyone, they will think I m pregnant, I can’t live with this lie. Satti says Tejo had made place for herself in everyone’s lives, even Nehmat did the same. Rupy says she can get happy when she gets love from her husband. Advait sees Nehmat. She asks what’s all this, why did Shamsher lie, you didn’t say a word, why. He says really sorry, dad had no other way. She says tell me, what are you hiding, why did he lie. He says Veronica threatened me that she will tell the media, that we have no relation, she had proofs against me, she wanted to ruin our name, so dad had to do this. She says by using me, you cheated me, I have seen you with someone else on this bed, I came to stand with you for the sake of the family respect, why shall I accept this lie.

He says its my mistake, I will find a solution once this election ends. She says enough, leave me alone. She goes. Naaz calls Jasmin and says you said you will solve my problem, I can see your daughter Harleen here. Jasmin says I don’t know about her. Naaz says its my mistake to ask your help, never call me again. Jasmin asks her to listen. She thinks what’s Harleen doing in Kapoor Lohri party.

Harleen sees Ekam’s pic and smikles. Jasmin calls her. Harleen says happy Lohri. Jasmin asks why did you go to Kapoors for Lohri, did you do my work and meet Nehmat. Harleen says I met her, but didn’t do your work, I have my own opinion. Jasmin asks have you gone mad, you will do what I want. Harleen asks did you do what they all wanted, I got to know everything about you, you lived life on your terms, it was wrong, I won’t break Advait and Nehmat’s marriage, because I m in love.

Jasmin sees Ekam’s pic behind. She says Ekam. Harleen says yes, I m in love with Ekam, I can’t explain you, if Advait and Nehmat’s marriage breaks, then Nehmat will come back in Ekam’s life, I don’t want Ekam to love someone else, I have burnt Advait and my marriage certificate. Jasmin asks did you lose your mind. Harleen says I disappeared your passport, I will do what my heart wants. Jasmin says you failed my entire plan, why did you get just Ekam to love. She thinks what shall I do, I can’t go to India, how shall I separate Advait and Nehmat.

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