Teri Meri Doriyaan 23rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Seerat repeats Sahiba’s words of wisdom that beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder and can’t be measured with external look. Brars feel impressed. Seerat feels happy thinking Sahiba’s words of wisdown are really helping her. Angad says she is right, what about happiness, does that also vary with a person. Seerat says she didn’t understand his question. Angad asks the meaning of happiness for her. Seerat recalls Sahiba’s words that time spent with a family is a real moment of happiness for her, there is nothing important to her than family’s happiness. Mandeep asks what does her father do. Seerat lies that they have an international travel company and have opened a platform to promote local arts. Prabjot tells Gurleen that Seerat looks perfect for Angad. Gurleen says she is right, god sent Seerat to them and she looks from a good family. Jasleen thinks Seerat is just acting good.

Gurleen asks Angad if his question and answer session is over or not yet. Veer says surely Angad must be having many more questions. Angad says one last question and asks if she wants to change something in her life. Seerat thinks she wants to change her whole life though, recalls Sahiba’s words of wisdom that she learnt a lot from the troubles and considers them as a lessons for her future life, and repeats same. Gurleen says Seerat gave perfect answers to Angad’s questions. Jasleen tells Mandep that she can’t find a better girl than Seerat for Angad, thinks they are considering brass as gold, she will take revenge from Brars for insulting her and Garry till now. Mandeep tells Seerat that they call want to meet her parents and asks her to send her parents here tomorrow. Seerat says she needs someone’s number to inform her parent’s decision. Veer says she can take Angad’s number. Servant informs Angad that his lohri dress is ready. Angad tells Seerat that he needs to visit a lohri event and excuses himself. Seerat thinks she couldn’t get Angad’s number even now. Garry asks Angad not to worry as he will give his number to Seerat. Seerat feels happy.

Sahiba decorates lohri event. Organizer thanks her and praises her art. Sahiba says she will leave now. Organizer requests her to stay back as chief guest may arrive any time. Angad enters as chief guest. Sahiba gets angry seeing him and thinks why this ATM came here. Angad also gets angry seeing her. Jaspal, Kiara, and others walk in next. Sahiba angrily tries to leave. Organizer requests her to take lohri/bonfire pheras and then go. Seerat seeks Angad’s number from Garry. Garry says its waste as Angad doesn’t pick anyone’s call. Seerat asks how does he manage business then. Garry says he manages all the business and is teaching Angad instead. He gives his number and says he will pick her call any time. She gets impressed with his fancy number and sugar-coated talks and thinks Garry is a real boss, she was unnecessarily thinking Angad as boss.

Angad on stage describes the story behind lohri and prays for true lovers. Dancers dance around lohri. Everyone enjoy it. Organizer requests Angad to set lohri on fire. Angad does. Sahiba with other girls revolves around lohri and prays god to help her keep her family happy and become a big artist. Angad closes his eyes and imagines Seerat. Sahiba notices a firewood falling towards Angad and saves him. He hits a kumkum thali. Kumkum falls on Sahiba’s hair. Everyone stand speechless.

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