Shark Tank India 2 Teaser

A new proposal will pique the sharks’ interest in the next Shark Tank India Season 2 episode. Entrepreneurs propose an interactive fitness mirror in a new commercial. Vineeta Singh described it as a unique and intriguing product, and the other sharks began to make bids.

While Namita Thapar, Aman Gupta and Peyush Bansal stated that they would contribute Rs 1 crore for a 2% stake, Anupam Mittal stated that he would provide Rs 1.5 crore for 5% equity. Meanwhile, Vineeta stated that she would provide Rs 1 crore in exchange for a 1% shareholding.

Sony TV published the entire investments made by the sharks,’ which totaled Rs 25.78 crore. With a Rs 7.32 crore contribution, Namita emerged as the largest investor. Aman Gupta is the next investor, with Rs 5.17 crore. Peyush Bansal has spent Rs 4.8 crore in the first three weeks, followed by Anupam Mittal with Rs 3.18 crore. Vineeta Singh, who was absent from the panel in the third week, has put in Rs 2.95 crore. And Amit Jain, who missed the first two weeks of the panel, has put in Rs 2.36 cr ..
Shark Tank has been the buzz on social media. In the first episode of Shark Tank, people criticised sharks for not investing in a product just because it had a direct competition with one of the sharks among them.


  1. How many investors are there on Shark Tank?
    There are 5 investors in the Shark Tank.
  2. Shark Tank is being telecasted on which channel?
    Shark Tank is being telecasted on


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