Sasural Simar Ka 2 23rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Simar thinking why Masumi is tearing Badimaa’s painting. Masumi smiles looking back. Simar wonders why is she smiling and at whom? She goes to Masumi and asks why did you do this? Masumi says she didn’t let the marriage happen of my Mamma and Papa, and made my Mamma and Papa away from me. Simar asks her to calm down and tells that Badimaa was not aware of your mother and asks her not to do such things again. Masumi hugs her and signs someone. Simar and Vivaan come to the Ashram. Simar says we need to find out about her and says her yesterday’s behavior has shocked me, it was not normal. Vivaan asks her not to worry and says they will go and check. Warden asks them to see Masumi’s room if they want. They see a pair of plate, glass, pillow and other things.

Giriraj asks the artiste to make the painting as it was before. Reema says who can do this? Aditi says we all know who is outsider here? Sandhya asks what happened Maa? She looks at Badimaa’s torn photo. Gajendra also comes there. Reema says how dare that girl to do this, and says she might harm us too, and infact Aditi’s small baby geet is at home, we can’t take risk. Aditi says it is risk for all of us. Gajendra apologizes and says this shall not happen, I will talk to Masumi and she will not do anything. Chitra says she was allowed to stay here for two days, and this is the result. She taunts Gajendra. Giriraj goes behind Chitra asking what she has said. Reema says she will not tolerate Masumi and will teach her a lesson. Aarav tells Sandhya that he will take her to her room. Badimaa says it is wrong to keep the girl here at our house. Vivaan says so dirty room, how can anyone stay here. Simar says I have come here that day also, but didn’t notice. They see Maa and Didi written on the wall. Reema, Aditi and Gajendra go to Masumi’s room. Reema asks how dare you to harm Badimaa’s painting. Gajendra asks Reema to calm down and says he will talk to her. Masumi cries. Reema says you wanted to create drama in my family and that’s why doing this. Masumi looks at other side and jerks Reema’s hand. She changes her tone and says everything shall be mine, and not yours or anybody’s else. She says I came to get everything back. Reema asks her to shut up and raises her hand to slap her, but Masumi holds her hand angrily. Reema is shocked. Aditi slaps Masumi. Gajendra shouts Aditi. Aditi asks how dare you to talk to Reema Bhabhi like this in our house. Aarav comes there. Masumi says you will repent, everyone will repent. Masumi says she slapped me hard and cries. She goes to Gajendra. Aarav tells Aditi that he shouldn’t have slapped her. Aditi asks Masumi to leave. Gajendra says give me sometime, I will take her from there. Aditi says new relation and new daughter, congrats Papa. She goes crying from there. Reema sees Masumi telling Gajendra that she slapped her. Gajendra says she was angry and goes. Reema hears Masumi telling her Didi that today Papa has taken her side.

The ashram worker tells Simar and Vivaan that Masumi wants everything in pair, even food plate. Simar says bed is one. The lady says Masumi used to sleep on floor. Simar says then who used to sleep on bed, as it is messed up. Masumi jumps happily and says thank you Papa. Gunjan appears infront of her and says thank you Didi. Masumi says thank you Didi. Gunjan says if you do as I say, then you will get what you want.

Warden tells Simar and Vivaan that Charulatha gave born to twins, first Gunjan and then Masumi. She says Gunjan was born dead. Gunjan says if anyone will trouble my sister then I will not leave that person. She says only I can trouble my own sister. The warden asks them to see the report which came with Masumi. Simar checks and gets shocked. Vivaan asks what happened? Simar shows the report. He says how can Tau ji do this?

Gunjan combs masumi’s hair. Masumi says Aditi has slapped me, she is bad. Gunjan says I will not leave anyone, if you cry then I will leave you also. She vanishes. Masumi asks Didi, where you have gone? Gunjan appears and says do as I say and you will get what you want. Masumi says you are mine, and I will do as you say. Gunjan says first they will handle Aditi, Sandhya and then Aarav. She says our togetherness will drown this house.

Aditi cries and hugs Aarav. She says truth will not change. Aarav says don’t think that. Aditi says we always thought that our family is ideal family, but everything changed with one jerk. Sandhya says we had no control on the happenings and tells that all the relations in the house are important, if one rope is weak, then it is not broken, but they have to make it strong. She says my family will not suffer because of one person and that’s why I have decided to forgive your father, but I can’t accept that girl. She says she didn’t have that much strength. Aarav says we are your strength, your kids. Aditi says we will do as you say.

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