Saavi Ki Savaari 23rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Nityam thinking of Saavi’s words that he was right that lets end everything, she don’t want to stay there, she don’t want such a marriage. He calls Kiran and asks him to come home in 15 mins, as he has some urgent work to do. He tells himself, everything is sorted. Jeevika comes to Saavi’s house. Saavi introduces her to her family members. Jeevika says you helped me. Saavi says you was about to go to Pune. Jeevika says she is going tomorrow and asks if there is any safe place to stay tonight. Saavi says yes, I have and asks her to stay in their house. All the family members ask her to stay there. Jeevika tells Saavi that now she knows why she is so good. Brijesh asks Ratna to make her have food.

Kiran comes to Nityam and says he is some what late, though he asked him to come in 15 mins. Nityam says he was not getting sleep, so thought to all the meetings now itself. Kiran says all our clients must be sleeping. Nityam says not our foreign clients. He asks him to call Jonas. Kiran calls him and gives call to Nityam. Nityam starts talking.

Saavi gives blanket and pillow to Jeevika. She asks if I shall bring something else. Jeevika says it is not of my standard. Saavi says I will bring some other pillow. Jeevika says I lost the train and had no place to live, but my friend and her family let me stay in their house so my standard is increased. Saavi says good joke. Jeevika says you can laugh. She asks her what happened? Saavi cries and hugs her.

Kiran feels sleepy. Nityam returns his phone and asks him not to cry. Kiran says he is not crying, but feeling sleepy. Nityam says this is the best time for work, no distraction. He asks him to drink Columbia coffee to get energetic. Kiran says he didn’t feel energy drinking it and says I don’t know if you are energetic or restless. Nityam asks him to do boxing with him.

Saavi tells Jeevika that she told her everything and asks her to say whatever she wants to say. Jeevika says I want to say, but if you feel bad then. Saavi says I have lost my Papa’s blessings, my Chattriprasad due to the guy whom…Jeevika says whom you loves, right? Saavi asks what are you saying? Jeevika says I felt that you are sad, not just about Chattriprasad, but about the person whom you loves a lot. Nityam hits the punching bag and asks Kiran if Saavi will return. Kiran says it depends about whatever happened between you both. He asks what is the problem. Nityam says that’s why you are in this place, and says I have to tell you even smallest problem to you. He says topic ends here, now video game time. Kiran says what is the problem. Saavi says I was about to say that I hate Mr. Dalmia, and says you are saying that I love him. She says you said just like that. Jeevika says I told this, understanding you and tells that the person can hurt us, whom we love a lot. Saavi says I love Chattriprasad a lot and my house used to run with it. Jeevika says it is good that you think about your family so much and tells that it doesn’t mean that you will not love anyone. Saavi asks her to go and sleep, and says you might miss the train again. Jeevika goes to her bed.

Nityam asks Kiran to play the video game properly else we will lose. Kiran says I can’t play, due to your coffee, or my sleep or my wife’s 19 missed calls. He says today I will tell you without any fear, and says you are running like this game, without any thinking and ignoring the hurdles and choosing other way. He says if you face your problems then your game is over, and you have to think what you have done which made Saavi left you, but you will not do this, and not getting sleep. He says you called me at this time for timepass, but I am not your timepass. He says you need to say sorry to Saavi Ma’am, which you will not do as there is no sorry word in your dictionary. and asks him to handle his problem. He says sorry. Nityam calls him and says today I will not sleep, but will type your dismissal letter. He tries to sleep, but couldn’t get sleep. Saavi also thinks of Nityam and cries.

Nazdeekiyan song plays…..Saavi thinks Jeevika told after saying illogical thing and says love with Mr. Dalmia and tells herself that she just hates him. Jeevika tells Nutan that she will make something for her, when they come to Pune. She tells that it was my dream to get married, when Ratna asks her. Brijesh tells that they are lucky to get Nityam like son in law, who respects us and takes care of Saavi so much. Saavi says yes and tells Jeevika that her train will leave.

Jeevika asks Saavi to find out about her feelings and says only the right thing shall happen. She hugs her. The neighbor talk that Damad ji has come, but he doesn’t give us any respect. Ratna and others are making arrangements in the house. Nityam gets down the car and greets the neighbors. The neighbors get surprised and thinks he even remember their names. Ratna says nobody will come now. Nityam goes inside and says he has come. Everyone looks surprised at him.

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