Rajjo 23rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Rajjo thinking its time for my gift. She imagines slapping Gurumaa. She thinks its not the right time. Madhu worries at home. She prays. Chirag says you can do anything for money, right. Rajjo calms him. She says we will give her money, we want our Bua’s money. Gurumaa says your work will be done, deposit one lakh then I will start the ritual. Rajjo bends and her mangalsutra falls. Gurumaa says stop, you are unmarried, how did you get this mangalsutra.

Rajjo says no, its not mine, its shringhaar chadava. Chirag says she likes to get married soon. Gurumaa sees the sindoor in Rajjo’s maang. She says catch her. Rajjo runs. Chirag says run Rajjo, they shouldn’t get the phone. Everyone asks Arjun to not leave the house. Arjun is upset. Pratap asks did you feel bad of anything, I m sorry. Arjun says no, no one did anything. Pratap asks why are you going. Jhilmil says see Madhu’s condition, she is crying so much.

They all ask him to stay back. Arjun doesn’t want to stop. Gurumaa and her goons follow Rajjo. Rajjo runs. Chirag looks on. Mukund asks Arjun to go, he will handle the work. Arjun says I will be available online, you can handle the work.

Jhilmil says it’s the same thing again. Sia asks Arjun not to leave them. Rajjo reaches home. Gurumaa and her goons come there. Gurumaa takes the phone and stamps it. Arjun gets adamant to go. Pratap says fine, I will drop you to the airport, you will tell us the reason and then you can go. Gurumaa asks how dare you. Rajjo asks how dare you do this, liar. Gurumaa threatens her. Chirag comes there. Rajjo sees him and starts laughing.

Chirag calls the police. The goons run away. Gurumaa gets arrested. Pratap asks Madhu to tell him the matter. He says I can see that Arjun is angry on you, what is it, which just you know, tell me. He shouts on her. Madhu gets scared. Pratap says I m asking you something. Chirag says what you broke is my daughter’s toy, this is the real phone. Rajjo says yes. Arjun asks Pratap not to get angry. He says I have to go, its my last decision, please bless me. They all come out and see Gurumaa. Chirag says welcome to Thakur Nivaas. Pratap asks what’s all this. Rajjo says sorry, I look different today, Arjun was leaving us today, so Chirag and I found the reason for it. Arjun asks what’s happening, my flight is in some hours. Rajjo takes his flight ticket and says you aren’t going ahywhere now.

She says I will tell everyone, come inside. Chirag asks Inspector to get Gurumaa inside. Rajjo asks Arjun to come inside. She says I won’t let you go ever. Jhilmil says our truth will come out. Rajjo shows the video to everyone. Madhu cries. Gurumaa confesses her crime. Everyone is shocked. Mannu cries. Gurumaa says this foolish woman is trying to bring her son and bahu close, she was giving me many chadavas. Jhilmil worries. Rajjo asks Madhu why did she run after such fraud people. She asks can’t you see the blind belief. Pratap asks Inspector to take away Gurumaa. Rajjo sees Arjun and cries. Arjun thinks you got to know everything, sorry. Rajjo thinks I m sorry, I couldn’t understand you. He thinks I was really scared. She thinks I would have got more scared than this. He thinks I was saving you. She thinks I know you love me. Arjun says I told you Maa, this blind belief will embarrass you in front of everyone, now no one will believe you.

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