RadhaKrishn 21st January 2023 Written Episode Update

Jara shoots an arrow which hits Krishna’s leg. Radha from Golok feels Krishna’s pain and calls him. Krishna says Radha took his name, now he will not feel much pain. Jara comes to collect his prey thinking he will surely make Krishna happy with his prey. He shatters seeing his arrow hitting Krishna’s leg and cries that he made a big sin by hurting his prabhu and requests to give him a death punishment for his sin. Krishna says he didn’t do any sin as he was vanar raj Bali in his last life and I was Ram who hid and killed Bali with his arrow, and as a repentence, he had promised that he would be killed by Bali in his next life; Jara fulfilled the meaning of his life instead and asks Jara to go from there and let him spend the last moments of his life peacefully. Jara leaves crying. Krishna apologizes Gandhari and says he can understand her feeling and reason for cursing him.

Balram, Revati, and Laxmana cry seeing Saambh dead. Revati comforts Laxmana and takes her back to palace. Balram sits besides Saambh and continues crying. Krishna thanks Rukmini for becoming his life partner. Rukmini takes oath to take care of Krishna. Krishna tells Kalyug its time for him to sacrifice his body and let Kalyug arrive on earth. Gods get worried seeing Kalyug’s arrival. Mahadev says sign of Kalyug’s arrival is a cyclone. Balram and Dwarka are drowned in a cyclone.

Krishna recalls a butterfly turning into human after she chants Radhe Radhhe and her curse gets cured. Krishna says Radhe Radhe. Mahadev with Devi Gauri visit Golok and inform Radha that Sri Krishna will arrive Golok any time. Radha feels happy and asks where is Balram dau. Balram arrives. Radha happily hugs and welcomes him. Devi Gauri asks where is Krishna. Radha says she knows how he will come. She walks near waterfall and tells Krishna that she will not open her eyes until he arrives. Krishna arrives and calls her. Radha says let us start a dance. Krishna says an important task is left. Radha asks which one. Krishna says when Radha left Golok, waterfall’s direction of flow changed, now with her return it should change back its direction. Radha touches waterfall and it starts flowing in reverse. Krishna says this flow of love will flow in the same direction and whenever a person in love sees it, he will notice it in this direction.

Radha Krishna’s raas leela/dance starts in Golok. Serial’s title track plays in the background. They both then rest on their swing. Radha says Krishna shared love on prithvi lok/earth like he shared it in golok, a story ended today with their return. Krishna says its just a beginning, they need to relive their love story again repeatedly. Sridhama comes chanting Jai Sri Krishna. Krishna says when one story ends, another story starts.

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