Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 20th January 2023 Written Episode

Kavya says to Ravi that Keerti is not there. Ravi searches for Keerti. Kavya asks Ravi to take care of himself as she is worried for him. She says that their whole family is tensed because of Ravi. She hugs Ravi, cries and requests him to become normal. Ravi leaves. Kinjal breaks Pratik’s photoframe while cleaning. Hansa scolds her as it’s a bad omen to break the glass of a photo frame. She worries for Pratik and calls him in order to stop him from getting involved in Keerti’s murder case.

Pratik answers her call and tells her that he is fine and coming home. Hansa gets relieved. A car follows Pratik’s scooter. Vimala starts harassing Pratiksha in jail. She tells Pratiksha how she tortured other prisoners earlier. She also says that Pratiksha can’t escape from her clutches and tries to scare her. Pratiksha tries to leave but Vimala holds her hand. She informs Pratiksha that her father asked her to stop smoking so she killed her father and reached jail. Pratiksha requests Vimala to leave her. Vimala pulls her hair.

Lady constable stops Vimala and asks both to go and have food outside their cell. Lady constable advices Pratiksha to not get afraid of Vimala and fight back. Other prisoners get scared and hide seeing Vimala. They discuss that Vimala can murder people outside while sitting in jail. Pratiksha comes there and wonders where other prisoners are. Pratiksha takes food in her plate. Vimala throws away Pratiksha’s plate and says that she will keep Pratiksha hungry whole night. Pratiksha doesn’t get affected and calls Vimala a snake for killing her own father.

Other prisoners laugh. Vimala goes to slap Pratiksha. Pratiksha holds her hand. She says that we should never underestimate ourselves and our opponents. She picks up the food from floor and eats it. Raghu’s car follows Pratik’s scooter. Flashback shows that Malhar tells Thakur that he can’t kill Pratik and make Hansa a widow. Thakur asks him whom he wants to save Pratik or himself. He tells Malhar that Pratik has to die if Malhar doesn’t want to lose Pratiksha and his job.

Malhar asks Thakur to do whatever he wants and leaves. Thakur asks Raghu to get the job done. Pratik stops by a roadside temple and prays for Pratiksha. Raghu knocks down Pratik’s scooter. Gulshan learns that Vimala has started her work already. He gets emotional seeing Keerti’s photoframe and cries. He says that he won’t spare Keerti’s murderer. Pratiksha worries after giving fitting reply to Vimala as she has noone’s support inside the jail.

Two prisoners Champa and Phuli come to her and say thank you to Pratiksha for showing courage infront of Vimala. They ask Pratiksha if she will teach them. Pratiksha feels lucky to hear it. They decide to start the class from next day. Vimala hears their conversation and says that she will teach lesson to Pratiksha. Pratiksha recalls her last meeting with Keerti and says that she will fulfill Keerti’s unfulfilled dreams. Ravi drives car and recalls Keerti. He misses her.


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