Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 22nd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Mohan fills the mang of Radha with Sindoor, completing their marriage, Radha stares at Mohan who is looking furiously at her, Damini is crying so Kaveri consoles her. Tulsi informs that Radha has gotten married to Mohan, but she can no longer be her friend, Tulsi explains because of the vow which Mohan made her swear she will not be able to hear or see her, Radha says it cannot happen but Mohan questions what good will it have when the time of her destruction has started. Tulsi also prays they both should live happily together, Pandit jee blesses them both to live a happy and contended life together, Mohan replies only time will tell if they would live happily or in anger. Radha wonders why did Tulsi leave her because she was the only one who was supporting her, Mohan angrily takes off the turban and leaves the Mandap, the inspector asks Radha if she has any complaint, Radha says there are no complaints, the Inspector explains they are leaving but Radha can call them if she has any problem, the representatives of NGO also assure Radha of always helping her if she has any problem. Radha thanks them all for their help, they all leave.

Nirmala comes to Radha explaining she knows Radha is an orphan, but she should consider her as her mother assuring that from now she is not going to differentiate between her and Gungun. Tulsi mentions today Radha also got a mother like her daughter Gungun. Nirmala mentions she believes Kadambari is going to take care of Radha and what happened with Tulsi will not be repeated because if it happens then this mother is not going to leave her. Nirmala turns to Gungun, mentioning she is really happy that Gungun got a mother like Radha, she would be able to sleep peacefully since Gungun is going to remain safe, Nirmala blesses Gungun, mentioning they are going to leave now but meet them in the court for the custody case of Gungun. Nirmala leaves with the judge and her son.

Rameshwar accepts that whatever happened in this house today is his mistake, as he was not able to raise is daughter properly and he knows she has humiliated them, he apologizes but Mr Trivedi mentions it is not the case. Rameshwar referring to Kadambari explains all the parents want to give their children better teachings but some children are not meant for them, Rameshwar asks Dadi to come, Radha not being able to bear it tries to stop them referring to herself as their daughter but Rameshwar says that he only had a daughter Radha who has died, Radha replies that Bihari jee does not allow the relations to end, she mentions she is going to come to their house tomorrow as she has been married today, Dadi angrily replies that she has ruined the name of their family so there is no need to come back to Barsana, and if they even see her on the road then are going to refuse to recognize her, Radha tries her best to stop them but they all leave, Radha sits on the ground and is crying constantly thinking about her family, how they both were always there to help and take care of her.

Radha stands up, she notices the entire family is really furious with her and they all are just angry staring at her, Radha slowly walks over to Mr Trivedi explaining that from now on he is the only one she can call her father, Mohan in shock turns back, Radha requests him to give his blessings, and tries to take his blessings but he replies that how can she be his daughter when she never cared for the respect of her own parents, he exclaims it is better to live without children then to have a daughter like her, she is stunned, Radha even tries to take the blessings of Kadambari, but she says there is no need to touch her feet because she will never get any blessings from her and only hear curse and she does not want to do it. Radha turns to Ajeet, he explains Ketki was right to say that he is an iditot as he believes anyone which causes him to suffer loss, he mentions she has really used him. Ketki says this time even she was fooled, Radha even used her, she replies she understood that everyone has their own desires to form a relation. Damini asks why does she want support from the family which she destroyed, she says they all hate her. Radha replies she does not care if Damini loves or hates her but the point to understand is that there is no place for her in this house, and she should not even try to become a part of this family. Mohan angrily mentions it is enough, walking in front of Radha asks who said to her that this house belongs to her, Radha is stunned, Mohan replies this house belongs to him and his decision that she is not going to stay in this house. Tulsi is stunned hearing what Mohan is saying,

Mohan replies just a daughter relation does not end after the ritual then they cannot be called husband and wife even after marrying, Gungun asks what he is doing. Mohan says she has done what she desired to do but now only what he desires is going to happen, Mohan says she married him by deceiving him but would not be able to get the right of being called a wife and daughter in law, he says now she has to leave this house. Mohan is pulling Radha towards the door, Gungun requests him to let go of her but Mohan does not listen and is just pulling Radha even when she is crying, he angrily pushes her out of the house, so she falls, Gungun requests him to stop but Mohan closes the door without even listening to Radha, they all are glad however Radha is shocked.


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