Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 6th October 2023 Written Episode

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 6th October 2023 On Apne Tv.

The Episode starts with Ahilya encouraging Malhar. She says it’s not your fault if it’s someone else’s mistake. She soothes him. Harku comes there. She says Dharm Guru has come. Malhar says I should go. Ahilya says you take a rest, and I will go. She goes. Malhar gets depressed. He says I have no strength and willpower to live, and I feel tired, and it’s time to do something for the last battle. Maina comes to Malerao. She gets food for him. She says I have always supported you; don’t worry, I will always be there. He asks will you keep me. She says yes. They have the food together. He asks her to help him. She says I will help you.

He says help me in going out of here. She says so that you go to that Kesar, I won’t help you, never. He angrily throws the food plate. Acharya asks Ahilya what Malerao has decided now; he is a prince and can’t marry the dancer’s daughter. Ahilya says I have explained to Malerao, and Kesar has left the palace. He asks are you fooling me. She says no, never. He says better, remembers, Dharm teeth is watching you. She says yes. He leaves. She worries and talks to Tukoji. The guards get Kesar to someplace. She says I want to go home; let me go. The guard says no, you have to stay here. She thinks I don’t believe anyone. The guards lock the door. She sits crying. Tukoji says no one knows about Kesar; why did you send Kesar to some other place? Ahilya says yes, but the person who wants to attack her will harm her life; that’s why I did this. He asks why someone wants to kill her. She says Kesar was attacked before. Also, they said they are protecting culture; Chameli Bai came here on Raghoba’s saying and told us about Kesar’s past. Raghoba is connected to the attackers; he can surely try to attack Kesar. I don’t want this; Malhar is getting unwell, Malerao isn’t ready to listen, Kesar should go away, and her safety is our responsibility; we must wait and pray.

Dwarka and Gunu ji talk to Raghoba. Ahilya and Tukoji hear Maina crying. Ahilya goes to see. She asks the matter. She considers the fallen food. Ahilya says I asked you to win Malerao’s heart. Maina thinks I can’t do that; Kesar is there in his heart; it’s too late; he has gone too far from us.

Raghoba says we must know our weakness; it is imp. to think again; we can’t do anything to Malerao until we get him; Ahilya has kept him in the palace. Dwarka says, it’s my responsibility to send him out of the court, and it’s your responsibility to take him out of Malwa; you decide what to do; you want a King who supports you, Malhar, Malerao and Ahilya won’t listen to you, give the throne to Guru ji. Gunu Ji smiles. Raghoba says there is just one way to make Malerao come out.

Kesar and Malerao see the moon and get sad. He throws the water. Guards come to Palermo. Malerao asks them to get water for him. Guard goes. Malerao attacks the other guard. He shuts the door. He wears the guard’s clothes. He hides his face.

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