Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 20th January 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ahilya sharing her feelings with Harku. Harku blesses her. She asks her to pray, Shiv Shambu will give her strength. She asks her to come, she will take the things. Ahilya says no, that time didn’t come. Harku asks are you not agreeing with Malhar’s decision. Ahilya says I agree, but I have to talk to Malerao first. Tukoji tells about Ahilya’s victory. Malhar says she has kept my faith, did you see Gangoba, she has won, I m seeing that you still doubt her bravery and smartness.

Tukoji says I have witnessed her supervision and bravery in the battle field, she is confident and determined, just a good King can do this. Malhar asks Gangoba to say. Gangoba says I know she is brave and skilled, I praise her, she has all the qualities, but she can’t be a King. He argues with Malhar and says just a king can sit on the throne. Malhar says you know Ahilya well and have been seeing her capabilities since childhood. Guard comes and informs something. Malhar asks what happened. Gangoba says Peshwa’s message has come. Ahilya performs the puja. Rakma brainwashes Malerao. He angrily goes. He pushes the servant. He comes to the temple. Ahilya says I felt glad seeing you at the temple. He says I m helpless to come and meet you. She asks why are you helpless. He asks where shall I find you, you stay in this temple, darbar or the battle ground, you have no time for me. She says you did good to come here, come and have a darshan. She says you are my mum, you didn’t congratulate me till now. Ahilya laughs. He says you think my marriage is a joke, you aren’t happy. She hugs him and says come with me, sit here. She says I m not making fun of you, I m happy with your marriage, I m worried. He asks for what. She says marriage is a big responsibility, when a guy becomes a groom, he has to take care of his bride. She explains him.

She says Mainabai is very pretty, she talks sweet, right, you can take care of her when you change yourself, you have to control your anger and stop insulting elders, did you understand. He gets angry. He says you always call me bad, you find Mainabai pretty, you regard me a devil, not your son. Ahilya worries. Malhar reads Peshwa’s message. He gives it to Gangoba. He says I will soon give the reply. Gangoba asks what did he write in the message. Malhar tells about the attackers. Tukoji says it means he will target Delhi now. Malhar says yes, so Delhi King has asked Peshwa’s help, we have to leave for Delhi soon, this can be harmful for Malwa. Gangoba says we have to stop him there itself, shall I start preparations if you say. Malhar worries. Gangoba asks again. Malhar says see the time, happiness came here after a long time, Ahilya just returned, its not the right time, let some time pass, don’t tell anyone, I will tell Ahilya later. Malerao says you can’t see my happiness, you snatch my happiness. She says I m your mum, how can you think so. He says I m right, I m the would be king of Malwa, a king can’t do anything wrong. She scolds him. She asks Dwarka not to defend him. She angrily takes Malerao with him.

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