Pishachini 13th January 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Pavitra asking Rocky what happened to him. Rocky says he is fine. Sapna asks what is it? Sudhakar says it is the way shown by hanuman ji. Vidya asks Pavitra to tell. Pavitra says she wants to tell them something. Just then they feel the earthquake. Sapna says we have to go from here, but where we will go, Rani will follow us. Pavitra says I want her to follow us. They go to the jungle. Rani comes infront of them. Pavitra says we have come to do your last rites. Rani laughs and says my end, how? Sudhakar says do you remember this place, we buried you here 20 years back and will repeat the history today. Rani feels pity on them and says the world has moved on, and I have become pralay pishachini from Pishachini, nobody can stop me. She asks if you want to see my jalwa. She becomes giant and laughs. She becomes normal and says I can smash you at once. Sudhakar, Manohar and Sapna tell that you have snatched our Babu ji, Amrita, Prateik. Vidya says Maasi also. Pavitra says we have learnt our victory. Rocky says we will not lose from you. Rani says I am the one who has put my baby in fire well and says you all are nothing to me, and I will burn you all. She brings a wind storm. Rocky is about to fire at Rani. Rani swallows Manohar. Everyone shouts. Bubbly tries to attack Rani, but she swallows her also. Vidya shouts Mamma. She swallows Sapna, Sudhakar and Shikha. Rocky shouts no. Vidya tries to attack Rani, but she makes her fall down. Pavitra asks Bajrang bali to help her to stop Rani. She sees her Nanu coming there.

Nanu asks Pavitra to search the wound, it is the way to reach the destination. He asks her to try and says victory is infront of you. Rocky asks Pavitra what is she thinking? Pavitra says I saw Nanu and he was talking about Rani’s wound. She recalls attacking Rani on her head before, and says we have to attack on Rani’s head. Rani says three people are left from Rajput family. Rocky jumps over Pavitra and shields her, he gets feathers suddenly. Rocky thinks Maasi ji had asked me to do hanuman puja to know about my powers.

Rocky flies in air with Pavitra, before Rani could see. Pavitra and Rocky are in the air behind Rani. Rani thinks where did Bhakt Kumari vanish? She thinks she shall kill Vidya? She blows fire from her mouth to burn Vidya, when Pavitra throws trishul at Rani’s head. All the family members come out of Rani and falls on ground. Rani gets locked in the trunk. Pavitra asks Rocky to lock it. Rocky locks the trunk. All the family gets happy to be saved, and Pavitra’s chapter is over. Pavitra informs Sapna that she is going to be Dadi. Sapna gets happy. Rocky asks what she is saying? Pavitra says we are going to be parents. He hugs her. Shikha and Vidya are happy and hug that they will become Bua. They hear baby crying and comes near. They see Pishach egg breaking and baby coming out from it. Pavitra takes baby in her hand. Vidya says Pishach baby has heart connection with you. Bubbly asks what we will do? Pavitra says this pishach baby has proved that he has less pishach affect and more humanly intelligence. Sudhakar says you are right. Rocky says God made you meet baby again, there must be some aim. Pavitra says I know what to do.

After a year, Dada ji says Rajput family is saved from Rani, I am not with them, but relieved that Pavitra is with them. He says Pavitra is taking care of next generation. She is taking care of her daughter and also Sanchit and Rani’s daughter, I am sure that she will give them good values. Pavitra and Rocky come to the babies room. Pavitra says who has opened the bird cage. Rocky says pishach baby must have opened it. Pavitra says she might have thought that the bird is caged and that’s why freed it. Rocky says lets go out. They go out. Rocky is holding his baby while Pavitra is holding Pishach baby. Rocky says I can’t believe that the chapter is over. Pavitra assures him. Pishach baby signs the devils standing outside. They bend down their heads before the Pishach baby. Pavitra and Rocky gets inside the house.

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