Parineeti 21st January 2023 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Rajiv and Neeti start taking pheras together while Pari sadly looks at them from the window. She wipes her tears and sees Rajiv looking at her but then he looks at Neeti and smiles. Pari thinks my love couldn’t work. Neeti is taking pheras but her mother gets a call so she leaves. Neeti mistakenly steps on coal and cries. Rajiv picks her up and says its fine, he ice her foot. Pami whispers to her husband that Pari didn’t want to take pheras with Rajiv because she thinks its Neeti’s right but see what fate is doing. A guest says this is a bad omen. Neeti gets worried and says what if anything happens to the baby? Rajiv says nothing will happen to the baby. Biji and Pari’s mom come there. Biji asks baby? whose baby and what were you doing with her? Rajiv says she got hurt so I was cleaning her wound. Biji shouts shut up, she is not your wife. She tells Neeti that a guest is nice for 2-3 days but if they become a burden then its not good. I won’t say much because you are Pari’s friend but if you don’t change your ways then I won’t spare you. Pari’s mother leaves from there. Neeti cries as Biji says you should divorce your husband and find another boy instead of trying to spoil someone else’s home. Rajiv shouts enough, you keep saying anything that you want to since you came to Chandigarh, what’s her mistake? she can live as she wants. Neeti tries to stop him but Rajiv asks her to sit down as she is hurt. He tells Biji that you think we are always wrong? you like Pari because you talk to her but have you ever tried to talk to Neeti? asked her how she is? you have a misconception that she is bad but Neeti is a good person and she is my.. Pari comes there and looks on. Biji asks Rajiv who is she to you? tell me. Pari tells Rajiv to not talk to Biji like this, Rajiv angrily leaves. Neeti thinks this all happened because of me as I was stubborn to take pheras. She apologizes to Biji but she says I will talk to you later on, she leaves. Pari tries to go behind her but Pami tells her that its okay, they will make up soon.

Scene 2
Gurvinder comes to Neeti and says don’t worry. Neeti says everything was okay but why did Sanju over-react so much? Gurvinder thinks I just want to expose Pari. She tells Neeti that he took your side so don’t worry. They fought but they will make up soon. Neeti’s mother comes there and asks if she is hurt? Neeti says I am okay. Her mother asks where is Rajiv? Neeti says he is out of country for work. Her mother says he should have been here with Pari for her first lohri. Neeti says there is nothing wrong. She thinks I can’t tell her more as she might tell to Pari’s mother who is a heart patient, she takes her from there. Gurvinder thinks even Neeti’s mother is questioning so I have to just work exposing the truth.

Rajiv bring Biji back to the lohri function and is laughing wit her. He asks everyone why are they all silent? Biji says its okay, I was fighting with my grandson but that’s normal. Lets all take pheras, she asks Neeti to take it too. Pari is standing alone so Rajiv goes to her.

Pari tells Rajiv that you shouldn’t have talked to Biji like that. Rajiv says I did a mistake. Pari says you were going crazy, what if you had called Neeti as your wife? I don’t want your stupidity to hurt Neeti. Rajiv says what could I do? one side Neeti was stubborn about taking pheras, Biji was scolding her and for you also.. Pari says what about me? you don’t have to worry about me, I have handled myself till now and I will.. for me Neeti’s happiness is more important than myself. At least you did pheras with Neeti. Rajiv says we couldn’t complete those also. Pari is shocked and says what? Rajiv tells her how Neeti got hurt. Pari says I tried so much and even then you couldn’t take pheras with her. Rajiv says maybe this is karma for me, how could I make my home when I have destroyed your life? I have spoiled your festivals so God is punishing me. Pari says I wish Neeti could complete the pheras. Rajiv says there is a way. Biji said all family members will take pheras now so me, you and Neeti can take pheras together. Pari says but what if Neeti doubts? She was asking about Rajiv, I mean Vishal. The flashback shows how Rajiv called Vishal and pleaded with him to help. Vishal told him that he is spoiling lives just for his selfish reasons, you are lucky to have a woman like Pari, she is still helping you. I really wish Neeti knows the truth soon, I can’t help you this time. Rajiv says Pari will be broken if Neeti finds the truth, please help me. Vishal says so why are you dragging me in all this? its your problem so I am out of it, he ended the call. The flashback ends. Rajiv tells Pari that we have to do this together but pheras will be done. Pari says no, we can’t make fun of all rituals, I won’t take your side, she leaves. Rajiv is frustrated and thinks I should be burned in this lohri fire.

Monty brings juice for Babli and apologizes to her. He says I have some work from you. Babli says you are being sweet? Monty says I was thinking we can take pheras together. Babli says are you crazy? I will never do that. Monty says if you take pheras with me then Biji might choose you as her daughter in law. Babli says I don’t want to marry into a family where a man has 2 wives and one wife doesn’t even know what her husband is doing behind her back. What if I take pheras with you and then find out you have an affair somewhere else. Monty says fine, I just wanted Biji to know that I can settle down with a good girl, it was her wish. He starts to leave but she says I will take pheras for Biji’s happiness only, he thanks her and thinks I have trapped her.

Pari’s mother Gurpreet tells Neeti’s mother Sukwinder that its good both our daughters are settled. I was worried about Pari but she is lucky to have Rajiv. Sukwinder says I am happy that Neeti got Sanju but don’t you think Rajiv should have been here as its Pari’s first lohri. Gurpreeet says what are you saying? Rajiv is standing there with Pari. Sukwinder looks at them and says that’s Sanju with Neeti.

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