Naagin Season 6 22nd January 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Seema telling that her eyes are on the anklet and she is desperately searching for it. She says you will not want divine power of divine anklet, I shall get as I am not nayak but khalnayak. Prarthana says I will never tell where it is, and tells that wherever it is, it should be there and it is safe and nobody can reach it. Seema thinks where it could be? Vish tells Mahek that she doesn’t trust Seema. Seema comes there and says you both trust me, and says she is not hot, but wise than them. She asks Vish to keep her tongue in control else. Vish says you are threatening me. Mahek asks them not to fight and says she will get her anklet. She asks Seema if Prarthana told where is the anklet? Seema says she said that anklet is there, where it should be. She tells them that it shall be with Nageshwari’s painting in Naagmahal. She sends them there.

In the party, Tina collides with Seema. Seema threatens her and says she will keep her in the bottle and will throw her out. Other kids come to her and tell that they will teach her a lesson. Shesha comes to Raghu and says Prarthana is his wife and asks him to romance with her fast. She takes him to Prarthana. She then says Music…and dances on the song panghat….Prarthana and Raghu dance on the song. Everyone claps for their performance. Seema takes drink and drinks. The kids come to her. Seema says she will hang them with rope on the terrace. Tina says I am sorry aunty. The boy gives rose and squeezes it on her, and runs away.

Mahek and Vishaka come to the naagmahal and couldn’t enter it. Mahek says we can’t enter due to the protective shield, and says they shall take Seema’s help.

The kids ask all the men to search their life partners. Vinay misses Mahek. Raghu calls Preeti/Prarthana and his innerself takes her to Raghu. Everyone claps for him. Pragati comes to Raghu and hugs him. Prarthana gets jealous. Raghu introduces Pragati as his friend. Pragati says she was his girlfriend and now she has to share him. Prarthana thinks she will forget about sharing.

Mahek and Vishaka come to Seema and request her to bring the anklet. Vishaka says naagins can’t go inside. Seema says you both are useless. Vishaka gets angry and then say please, go and bring it. Seema agrees and goes. Vishaka says if I wanted, then would have killed her today itself. Mahek asks her to relax. Pragati asks Raghu to make her have food and says today she got her artificial nails fixed. Prarthana and Shesha looks on, as he makes her have food. Prarthana says he claims to love me, but I don’t care if he wants to stay with witch Pragati. Shesha asks her to relax. Prarthana says over reaction is going on there. Raghu sees her going and asks where is she going? Prarthana says she is going to hell and asks if he wants to come. She says your Pragati is waiting for you. He asks what did I do? Vinay comes to him and asks him to never ask this.

Seema comes inside the temple and searches for the anklet. She gets it and tells Nageshwari’s pic that she had lost from her mother once and now with her. She takes the anklet outside and gives to Mahek. Mahek wears it and says she will come in her real avatar now. She tries to become naagin, but she couldn’t become naagin. Vishaka asks Seema to tell where is the anklet? Seema says it is real anklet. Mahek asks them not to fight, says Prarthana changed it. Vishaka says she will go and get anklet from Prarthana.

Prarthana thinks surely that Pragati has done black magic on Raghu, and thinks she shall not get affected as she doesn’t love him. Her innerself comes there and makes her realize her love for Raghu. Pragati comes there with Raghu and asks if she has disease to talk alone. Prarthana says she talked to the witches in the house. Pragati asks Raghu why did you marry her. Prarthana goes from there. Raghu looks on.

Prarthana cries and looks at herself in the mirror. Shesha comes there. Prarthana tells that Raghu loves Pragati and tells that she shall go away from the house, as Raghu will not accept her. She says she will not tell him about her or naagmahal and will leave. Shesha tries to stop her.

Raghu comes to the room. Prarthana confronts him and says you should have told me about your past and love, and says you have hidden your love from me. Raghu says they were just friends, and whatever they had was past and tells that you married me and then asked for time. She says you are a liar etc. Raghu asks her to shut up and says whatever I did for the children is because I love you. He says you didn’t love me, but I loved you. He says that vouchers and food was for you, and I used to love you since I saw you. He says he agreed to marry Ananya for Vinay and when he saw her on the mandap, he felt as if his wish is fulfilled. Prarthana says if I have done a big mistake. Raghu says I don’t care and I don’t want to know. She hugs him.

Later Prarthana tells Shesha that she has decided to sacrifice all her powers and will give her naagmanis to you. She says I can’t betray Raghu and wants you to keep those naagmanis. Shesha says you don’t need to give it to me. Prarthana says she wants to settle down with Raghu and wants to sacrifice all my powers. She says you have done so much for me, and now I will give naagmanis to you. Shesha nods her head. Prarthana says now I will go and express my love to Raghu. She goes out and searches for Raghu. She goes out and sees Raghu telling Pragati that he married Prarthana for the powers, as his bhabhi asked him to get married to her. Prarthana is shocked. Mahek comes there. Raghu says Bhabhi….He says Prarthana is deeply in love with me and is going to express her love for me. Mahek goes outside. Prarthana comes infront of Raghu and kills him. It is her imagination. Mahek asks Raghu to bring her anklet which she used to wear. Raghu says I will bring my wife’s anklet.

Prarthana comes inside and tells Shesha that Mahek is alive and her husband Raghu is not hers, but he is with Mahek. She says I don’t understand how she is alive and needs anklet to be alive, which I will never let her get it. She says I have kept the anklet in storeroom and nobody can get it. Vishaka hears and goes there. She gets trapped by the mesh. Vishaka gets trapped. Prarthana comes there and says she had seen her reflection and asks who is she? Vishaka frees herself and says she is Vish/Vishaka and asks her to give anklet to her. She says she is a naagin, a poisonous naagin.

Precap: Prarthana tells Raghu that they will start a new life together. Raghu hugs her. She bites him. Raghu falls down.

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