Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 23rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Dev telling Amba that she shall feel ashamed and asks why she doesn’t accept that he can do anything in his life, but he can’t love her. Vidhi says you didn’t know what my parents through since few days, and says they respected and trusted you more than trusting Dev Sir. She says you call this as love and says you didn’t understand the difference between stubbornness and love. She says love doesn’t snatch happiness but gives it. She says it is good that this truth came out infront of all at the right time, and says if this truth would have come out after your marriage with Dev Sir, then I wouldn’t have forgiven myself. Dev tells Amba, that you always asked, what is in Vidhi? He says your question shall be what she doesn’t have what you have. He says Vidhi is not betrayal, liar, egoistic, arrogant like you and more importantly she doesn’t have black heart like you. Bimla comes near Amba and slaps her hard. Amba is shocked. Bimla asks what kind of person you are, we used to cry infront of you and you used to play with my heart. She says we have died 106 times due to you. She says she didn’t see stone hearted woman before. Hariprasad brings shop papers, tears it and throws at her. He says we don’t want anything from you everything was game to compress her under your feet. He says I trusted you more than trusting my daughter. He says it is good that nothing happened to her, else I would have buried you right here. He asks her to go from there.

Amba asks Dev if he regards himself as love God and found all the truth for Vidhi, and became great. She says you doesn’t know the meaning of love, else you would have felt the same warmth of my love which I have gone through since 15 years. She says you didn’t see anything and says I bear everything, this humiliation, insult and loneliness for you and I wanted your love in return. She says now everything will change and says I will take revenge from you, with the same intensity of my love. She says from today, a new chapter will begin, Amba’s revenge. She says Dev, Vidhi and you all, the reverse countdown starts now. She says you will repent for this day, when you insulted me. She says I will start my revenge from you, Devrath Raichand.

Vidhi comes infront of Dev and says you can’t harm Dev sir, as I am with him. She says whatever wrong thing you have done to separate us, we have become more closer due to that. She says if you attack us, then we will give you counter reply. She asks her to get ready. Amba says I will take revenge from you and asks her to note down the date and time, thinking it would be good if you would have died. She goes from there. Urmila, Pramod and Golden come there. Hariprasad tells Pramod that Vidhi is fine, nothing has happened to her. Urmila claps and says Dev and Vidhi has played a game together. Bimla shouts Urmila. Urmila says they acted so that their shameful marriage shall happen. She asks Hariprasad if he agreed and asks him to ask Dev to leave. Dev asks Vidhi not to worry. He tells Hariprasad not to worry and says it is enough for me that Vidhi is fine. He says I can understand your dilemma, the situation is changed, if you don’t want this marriage to happen then I will hear and accept too.

Hariprasad is standing silently. Dev is about to leave. Hariprasad stops him and it is strange that Vidhi’s illness is fake, but this lie made me realize the big truth, that my thinking was so small and you are so big. He says I agreed for this marriage as I wanted to fulfill my daughter’s last wish, which I should have fulfilled long back, and says I was blind then and couldn’t see that a guy is there who loves my daughter very much and will stand with her in all her sorrows and happiness. He says I was seeing just the age difference and says I was afraid that my daughter will be alone in young age. He says Milapni Devi did this, to make me realize that everyone has to die one day, and nobody knows when we will die. He says life gets over, but not love. He says I don’t care about society’s thoughts, I am seeing just your truthfulness. He holds Dev’s hand and takes him near the Milapni Devi temple. He calls Vidhi there and gives her hand in Dev’s hand. He says I am giving my daughter’s hand in your hand with all my happiness and heart. Satyavati and Abhimanyu smiles. Hariprasad says I have understood, where there is a knot of heart, there age bar is not seen. Vidhi thanks Hariprasad and Bimla. She comes to Satyavati and says this marriage will happen if you give your blessings else no. Satyavati goes from there. Vidhi gets sad.

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