Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 23rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Lakshmi drags her daughter Gaura to a ghosted tree and says champakiya chudail will kill her. She says if she was a boy, her grandfather would have gifted them 2 bhiga land which they would have used to grow crops. Gaura calls her father. Lakshmi says her father has gone to city and is not helping her bear a boy. She pushes Gaura away and locks door. Gaura pleads her to open the door and gets afraid seeing a dead body being burnt. A few years later, young Gaura wakes up seeing a nightmare and pleads her younger brother Prince to accompany her till bathroom. Prince refuses and goes back to sleep. Gaura walks out of house and panics more seeing dead bodies burning across her house. She murmurs why her father bought a land adjacent to a crematorium. Prince laughs from behind her and frightens her more. Gauri pleads him to walk with her till bathroom. Prince says its of no use as bathroom is just beside crematorium and just a wall is seprating them. Gaura gets more afraid and asks him to turn behind while she pees in the lawn itself. Prince says their mother will trash them both if she learns that she peed in lawn. Gaura convinces him and frees herself. Prince continues to frighten her, and she runs back into home shivering.

Som enjoys chillam/smoke with his friends sitting on his car’s bonnet. He notices MLA’s son physically harrasing his girlfriend and rescues the girl from him delivering heavy dialogues. Girl thanks him. At Som house, his mother Rekha calls pandit Shyamlal home to select a girl for Som. Pandit notices her on a wheelchair and asks how did she injure herself. Rekha recalls taking tea for her MIL. Angry MIL Ganga shouts that she is doing yoga. Rekha slips and falls injuring her foot. Pandit shows girls’ photos to her. Ganga walks to her and warns that she will select a girl for Som. She starts her emotional drama seeing Som coming. Pandit thinks amma is a good actor. Rekha also starts her drama and says she will not let Som select a girl for himself as its amma/Ganga’s right. Ganga asks Pandit to leave as Kanchan is coming today with alliances. Pandit leaves.

Ganga and Rekha’s drama continues. Som goes to his shop. Ganga burns Pandit’s brought photos saying she will not repeat a mistake her husband did while selecting a girl for her son Ramesh. Rekha says Ramesh doesn’t know value of a good wife. Ganga says that is why Ramesh stays out of the house all the time. Their nok jhok continues.

Gaura cleans a lawn in the morning. Lakshmi scolds her and asks why she is cleaning the lawn. Gaura murmurs that she peed on it, then says she saw it dirty last night when she went to bathroom and hence is cleaning it. Lakshmi says she didn’t see dirty cloth pile right in front of her and saw dirt on floor. Gaura’s father walks out and protects Gaura from Lakshmi’s bitter taunts and takes her along. He informs her that he brought her to meet a boy for her alliance. Gauri says Lakshmi should select a boy for her. Father says she should meet the boy first as she will be spending her life with him. He introduces her to a boy who chats with her and informs that he is a manager of a government crematorium. She panics hearing that and rejects him in a funny way. Som passes on his bike and clashes with Gaura. They both fall down. Som then helps panicked Gaura sit at a nearby chair, gives her 100 rs to go home, and leaves. Gaura then clashes with Rekha who heads towards temple a wheelchair with her servant. Rekha’s pooja thali falls down. Gaura panics more and offers thali and her 100 rs to Rekha. Rekha slaps her and leaves scodling her. Gaura recalls her mother informing about champakiya chudail who will kill her with slaps and thinks Rekha is champakiya chudail.

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