Mere Sai 20th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Panditji happily counts money he took from Rama in the name of pooja and says tomorrow will take some more. Panditji sees the milk is about to spill while boiling, Sai picks it up, Panditji shocked to see how Sai’s hands didn’t burn. Sai says forget about my hands and look at the chula and reduce the fire. Panditji pours water to reduce the fire. Sai explains Panditji that what he is doing is not right and his greed will lead him to lot of problems. Panditji says I didn’t do anything wrong. Sai says using Revathi you are trying to fool her family, what proofs you have. Panditji says I don’t need to prove anyone, Sai says you are using God’s name for your greed. Panditji says you can’t insult me. Sai says I am here to save you from insults and leaves.
Panditji says I will steal all money tomorrow and leave or else Sai will create problems.

Rama gets Revathi ready for a pooja. Revathi says why are we doing havan. Rama says its to remove Devi from your body and thinks and may be will come inside me. Revathi says I don’t believe in all this. Panditji says then you will believe it today, Rama says do it for me Revathi. Revathi agrees to participate in pooja because of Rama.

Panditji asks everyone to close their eyes for pooja, he starts chanting prayers and slowly adds powder to the havan and asks everyone to open their eyes. Panditji asks Revathi to add Ahuti to havan, and it causes lot of smoke, Panditji says look Devi Maa is leaving her body and asks everyone to donate as much as they can to impress Mata Rani, everyone adds lot of cash and gold. Panditji says now Mata Rani will return to enter someone elses body. Rama asks Panditji won’t Revathi dance again, Panditji says no she won’t. Rama very happy.
Villagers leave. Rama while praying her pallu catches fire, Sai comes with a bowl, he opens it and it starts raining and fire goes off. Everyone in shock.

Rama thanks Sai for saving her life. Revathi starts dancing again, Rama and others in shock. Rama asks Panditji what all is this, Madhavan calls hil cheater, Revathi about to fall, Madhavan saves her. Panditji takes advantage of the situation and runs away. Rama says stop him he is a theif. Sai saus Rama its your mistake that he ran away and God treats everyone equal and your greed lead you here.

Revathi says Sai I asked them not to do this, Sai says Revathi if you would have listened to what I said you would have found your answers but you ran away from your problems. Revathi has childhood flashes and her head starts paining. Sai says don’t worry all will be fine.
Rama says Sai, I accept I was wrong but one mistake and such big loss. Sai says karma will find its way.

Panditji running away from Shridi, he arrives back at Dixit Vada and says how is this possible and runs away again, but comes back to Dixit Vada and says why am I coming here again, he keeps trying but comes back again. Sai says I had warned you, you still have time rectify your mistakes. Panditji apologies to Sai and tells he was lying all the time and will never repeat.
Panditji returns everything and apologies to everyone and Sai.

People start discussing about Revathi’s condition, her mother in law hears people talk that Revathi is possessed by ghosts. Kaka scolds them to believe in what Sai says and not all this nonsense.
Revathi notices people are scared of her.

Madhavan feeding Meera, Revathi walks in upset and sits beside them. Revathi tells Madhavan how she is being treated and now she is scared and feels bad for not being able to spend time with her family. Madhavan says to her, I understand you just take care of yourself, Revathi says you are so nice what will I do now, I feel like I am losing myself. Madhavan says there is sunset and sunrise, and have faith in Sai and try to find reason behind it and all will be fine. Revathi feeds Meera and Madhavan and smiles.

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