Meet 22nd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Olympic selection comittee person say to Manmeet you are selected. Manmeet get’s happy and says to Meet I got selected you fulfilled my dream just because of you and thanks her. Meet says let’s celebrate by drinking ypur favourite lassi. Manmeet get lost and says let me tell you truth. Meet get’s nervous and ask him what happen. Manmeet says I love you I cannot be your friend anymore. Meet in shock. Manmeet says I know we both are totally apart and you are totally different from other girls, we know eachother from four days and tell her what he is feeling. Manmeet says don’t worry I know you still love your husband, I know everything but still I started loving you, but I told you earlier so that you don’t consider my friendship and start hating me because I need to be grind with you, he leaves after saying good bye.

Meet walks in home. Raj and Babita ask about Manmeet and his selection. Meet ask them about there medicine. They say no. Meet sold them and say’s if Meet Ahlawat would been here you won’t have skipped it and scold them. Babita ask Raj why she is upset. Meet ask them to have dinner. Raj walks to her and say you know I have always supported you tell me what is bothering you. Meet says I was idiot to fall for feelings now my only son is to fulfil Meet Ahlawats dream, she ask Raj to come tomorrow to meet architect and she walk away. Babita says to Raj what is going on in our life, I think Manmeet is suitable for Meet and she should accept that soon.

Meet in her room crying with Meet Ahlawats photo.

Manmeet sitting sone thinking about Meet.

Next morning Babita Meet and Raj in car. A boy come infront if there car. Everyone come out and scold him for his behaviour. Boy tell Meet about Manmeets condition and ask her to make him stable.

Manmeet at barbershop ask him to make his look like Meet Ahlawat. Barber tell him not to remove his moustache. Manmeet scare him and says when you are in love you can do anything now start moving your hand or else ill kill you. Meet walks in and ask him to stay away. Manmeet show Meet Ahlawat’s photo says I’ll be like him and try to be like him so that you start liking me, I try to walk away but I kept missing you more, tell me what should I do, I’m in pain and tell her about her pain. Meet says do you even know what is love and scold him for his behaviour. Manmeet says I can’t control myself. Meet says you have to control it because I already love Meet Ahlawat, I have no space for anyone else. A from behind hold Manmeet and shout help me. Few men walk in and ask him to stay away from that girl. Manmeet gets angry and scare them away. Manmeet say come forward now they won’t trouble you. Lady says to him please marry me. Everyone in shock.

Jasodha complaints to Sarker about Meet rejecting the marriage proposal and only seven days are left for the marriage everyone is invited she walk towards the window and check her daughter in law listening there talk, she brings her inside and tell Sarkar she is very eager to know new daughter in laws name, now explain what should I do. He says handle it your way and walks out. Jasodha tell her about Meet and tell her not to tell anyone until she walk in as my daughter in law, now go and do your work.

Lady say to Manmeet please marry me I will be very lucky to have a person like you. Manmeet says I already love someone else and you are not like her at all. She says don’t worry I can handle that you can fall in love with me. Manmeet says I challenge you, you won’t be able to make me fall for you. She says if I fail I’ll kill myself with this knife. Manmeet says okay I’m ready tell your family to be ready for your marriage.

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