May I Come in Madam Season 2

May I Come In Madam Season 2: A Delightful Blend of Humor and Heart

May I Come In Madam Season 2, the popular Hindi-language comedy-drama television series, has been a hit with audiences for its unique blend of situational humour, heartwarming moments, and relatable characters. The show’s second season, which premiered on Star Bharat on September 26, 2023, continues to receive praise for its witty dialogue, engaging storylines, and charming chemistry between its lead actors.

The Story

The second season follows the continuing adventures of Sajan Agarwal, a henpecked husband seeking refuge from his overbearing family in the office of his new boss, Mrs. Madhuri Bhandari. The show delves into the comical dynamics between Sajan, his in-laws, and his colleagues, exploring the complexities of family life, office politics, and the quest for personal freedom.

The Characters

Nehha Pendse shines as the charismatic and assertive Mrs Madhuri Bhandari. At the same time, Sandeep Anand delivers a spot-on portrayal of the timid and henpecked Sajan Agarwal. Sapna Sikarwar adds a touch of humour and spice to the mix as the sharp-tongued and opinionated Sapna, Sajan’s wife.

The Highlights

May I Come In Madam Season 2 has charmed viewers with its well-written scripts, relatable characters, and impeccable comic timing. The show’s ability to seamlessly blend humour with heartwarming moments has made it a favourite among audiences of all ages.

The Impact

May I Come In Madam has become a popular sitcom, garnering a loyal fan base and critical acclaim. The show’s success is attributed to its ability to connect with audiences personally, reflecting the everyday struggles and joys of family life and office dynamics.

How to Watch May I Come In Madam Season 2

May I Come In Madam Season 2 airs on Star Bharat on weekdays at 9:30 PM IST. You can also watch the show online on Disney+ Hotstar.

Tips for Watching May I Come In Madam Season 2

To enhance your viewing experience of May I Come In Madam Season 2, here are a few tips:

  • Watch with friends or family to share your laughs and reactions.
  • Follow the show on social media to stay updated on the latest episodes and engage with other viewers.
  • Use the hashtag #MayIComeInMadamSeason2 to share your thoughts on the front and contribute to the conversation about family dynamics and office life.


May I Come In Madam Season 2 is a must-watch for anyone seeking a lighthearted and entertaining escape. With its blend of humour, heartwarming moments, and relatable characters, the show offers a delightful dose of escapism and laughter. Join the fun and laughter with Sajan, Mrs. Bhandari, and the rest of the cast in this hilarious journey of love, laughter, and misadventures.

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