MasterChef India 7 EXCLUSIVE: Yashu Verma feels he didn’t deserve elimination; Says ‘Salt was fine in my food’

MasterChef India Season 7 kickstarted on January 2 and has been winning people’s hearts. The show is one of its kind and returned after a hiatus of two years on the television screen. Season 7 of MasterChef is being judged by Michelin Star Chef Vikas Khanna, Garima Arora, and Chef Ranveer Brar. While Vikas and Ranveer have been associated with this show for the past several years, this marks Chef Garima’s debut on this cooking reality show. Three weeks into the show and it has already seen three evictions by now. 78-year-old Urmila Jamnadas Asher was the first contestant to bid adieu to the show, followed by Yashu Verma and Dyuti Banerjee. After waving goodbye to the show, Yashu spoke exclusively to Pinkvilla about his experience and learnings.

Yashu’s learnings from MasterChef India Season 7

I have learned a lot from MasterChef because I was a home chef and lacked creativity and presentation. I have learned ideation, innovation, and a lot about creative presentation.

On his early eviction

I did not expect such an early eviction because according to me, I was giving my best. The only reason where I failed was that I couldn’t present myself on camera the way I presented my food. My seasoning would go a little haywire but I have worked enough on it now so that if I get an opportunity to go on camera, I can be good at presenting my food and talking about its flavors and seasoning.

On what led to his eviction from MasterChef India Season 7

As per the judges, the salt was less in my dish but when I tasted it, the salt was perfectly fine. My plate had all the elements whereas the other contestants’ plates had some or the other elements missing. I’d seen and heard this for myself. So, I think, I should have deserved another chance.

On being the youngest chef on the show

As the youngest contestant, I learned whatever I could and achieved respect from people that I did not receive earlier.

On who should have been eliminated instead of him

All the 16 contestants are exceptionally talented and they all have the qualities required to become MasterChefs.

Yashu’s favourite judge

I feel an emotional connection with Chef Vikas Khanna but my favourite is Chef Ranveer Brar because of the way he explains the food’s history and shares its tricks and tips. Chef Vikas Khanna has been through the situation that I am in right now, and to see him at such a huge level, inspires me.

Yashu on his future plans

I want to open an affordable kitchen studio, which I’ve even started working on. The cost for it was nearly Rs. 10,000 and apart from that, I want to continue with my YouTube channel and fulfill my parents’ dream. I will also study Hotel Management so that I have a professional degree in it, which will help me enter a professional kitchen.

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