Katha Ankahee 20th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Teeju asks if Ahsan and Viaan doesn’t know Katha, have the done no background check on her. Katha never told them about her marriage and son. Teeju understands why didn’t approach them, she must have faced a lot alone. Viaan leaves the room.

All the memories of Katha flashes back as he comes down the stairs. He breaths heavily on the balcony recalling his condition to give Katha 1 crore. He questions himself for becoming Viraj, his father. The memories of his mother fighting his mother for buying a woman with money. He recalls his father leaving cursing Viaan to be like him while Teeju cries to stop him. Viaan has become ugly like Viraj. Viaan is not happy to being his father. For moment, he thinks jumping off the balcony.

Ahsan is in traumatized to know that Katha went throw a lot with his son. He wonders why she never shared. He comes to Viaan who takes a leave from him as he isn’t able to speak. Viaan leaves. Ahsan calls Katha.

Viaan comes outside Katha’s building, he sees her coming from the side mirror. Firstly, he hides his face as when she passes by his car but then comes out calling her. Viaan is unable to gather words to speak, in broken sentences he calls himself ugly, asks for forgiveness, regrets what he did. Katha doesn’t want this; she has had enough. Viaan speaks how he wasn’t aware that Katha wanted the money for her son, If he knew he would have helped rather than coming with that ugly condition, he doesn’t know how to change what he did. He wants this to end like a dream but cannot. Viaan asks Katha for not telling him the truth. Katha questions why asking a mother to sleep with him was a sin but not an employee who worked in his office. How can Viaan justify asking a woman for her respect in exchange of money. Viaan only cares for mothers, doesn’t respect women in general. She asks Viaan to talk to her face to face. Katha did all of it for her son, what was Viaan’s excuse. She calls out the night, wants to talk about it. For everyone they both were equally involved in it but only she knows the truth. She will be answerable to Arav and her God but what will Viaan tell his God. Viaan regrets what he did. Asking forgiveness is of no use, Katha doesn’t have the energy to forgive him but if Viaan considers himself an ethical person, he must never forgive himself. Katha leaves. Viaan with tears flowing down his eyes gets in the car.

Katha enter her apartment. She recalls Viaan begging her for forgiveness. She notices Ahsan’s missed calls on her phone and how she promised to share everything with her friend. Katha goes to Arav and hugs him. He senses her being upset, asks what happened. Arav threatens to deal with the person who upset her, he is the man of the house. Katha knows, now everyone know that he is the macho man. She wants a little more love. Katha lay down on his legs.

At night, Viaan goes to his office.

Next morning, Arav stops Neeraj from eating butter which is not healthy. Neerja questions Arav for having eye on her butter while he enjoys everything. Katha rejects Ahsan’s call. Neerja suggests changing the ringtone. Katha receives a call from. Katha gets call from the company she gave an interview in, the woman is delighted to inform that Katha’s capabilities are what they were in search for but above that Katha’s conditions have been seriously discussed. The woman tells how Katha demanded flexible working hours and home from work opportunity for her son’s speedy recovery. Katha understand that company needs a more dedicated employee. The woman appreciates Katha honesty and courage for her dealing with issues in her life, her qualities will prove to be fruitful to the company. The woman asks Katha to check her email for further updates. Arav congratulates Katha. She celebrates her new employment with Neerja and Arav.

Jenny notices Arav lying on the floor in his office. She calls to wake him up. Viaan must have dozed off. She asks Viaan for his black coffee. Viaan wants Jenny to hand Katha her resignation letter. Jenny questions about Katha’s renewed contract and the clause that holds her off form resigning. Viaan orders her to ignore all clauses, he cannot force Katha to work here.

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