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India’s 50 Best Dishes (Season 3): A Gastronomic Adventure Through Diverse Delicacies

Zee Zest’s “India’s 50 Best Dishes” is more than just a cooking show; it’s a vibrant tapestry woven with rich flavours, cultural nuances, and captivating stories behind iconic Indian dishes. Season 3 embarks on a delectable journey across 17 states, unearthing culinary gems and presenting them in a unique, three-course format for each region. Hosted by the generous and knowledgeable Chef Ajay Chopra, the season promises a gastronomic adventure that will tantalize taste buds and leave viewers yearning for a taste of India’s culinary tapestry.


  • Chef Ajay Chopra: The charismatic host takes viewers on a captivating journey through diverse cuisines, his infectious enthusiasm and insightful commentary adding depth and flavour to the experience.


Each episode delves into the heart of a specific state, exploring its culinary heritage, local ingredients, and unique cooking techniques. Chef Chopra interacts with local chefs, home cooks, and food experts, unearthing stories and traditions intertwined with the featured dishes. The three-course format showcases the versatility of each regional cuisine, starting with a delicious appetizer, then a soul-satisfying main course, and culminating in a sweet and delectable dessert.

The narrative transcends mere recipes, delving into the cultural significance of each dish. Viewers witness Mumbai’s vibrant street food scene, the earthy flavours of Kerala’s coastal cuisine, the rich and creamy delights of Awadhi cuisine, and the fiery tandoori specialities of Punjab. Each episode becomes a window into the cultural mosaic of India, showcasing the diverse influences that have shaped its culinary landscape.


Chef’s Recommendation – 3 | India’s 50 Best Dishes | Zee Zest

The trailer for “India’s 50 Best Dishes (Season 3)” is a sensory feast. Chef Chopra’s enthusiastic narration is interspersed with mouthwatering visuals of sizzling kebabs, fluffy dosas, and decadent desserts. The trailer captures the essence of the show – the vibrant colours, the aromatic spices, the joy of cooking, and the warmth of sharing a meal with loved ones. It’s an irresistible invitation to embark on a culinary adventure across the length and breadth of India.

Final Thoughts:

“India’s 50 Best Dishes (Season 3)” is more than just a recipe show; it’s a celebration of India’s rich culinary heritage, a cultural exploration, and a heartwarming ode to human connection through food. Chef Chopra’s infectious enthusiasm and insightful commentary make the show engaging for both food enthusiasts and casual viewers. The diverse range of dishes, the captivating stories behind them, and the stunning visuals make each episode a delightful treat.

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