Imlie 23rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Chini tells Imlie that she can consider her a liar or opportunistic, but she knows that she doesn’t stay where she doesn’t feel her importance. She says she is still here because Arto still makes her feel special and if she moves on with Abhishek, she can’t be happy. Imlie asks what does she want. Chini asks if she will help her reunite with Arto and fulfill her friendship with Arto, its a test for her friendship and she should do whatever is right. Imlie stands in dilemma. In the evening, lohri celebration starts. Ginni congrulates everyone for attending Imlie’s first post-marriage holi. Rudra and Devika inform that married couple take pheras around fire and pray for togetherness for 7 lives. Shivani says Rudra and Devika started this tradition. Ginni asks Devika what about unmarried people. Devika says they should also take pheras and pray for others’ happiness. Manish takes pheras with Divya and Sundar with Arpita. Rupali asks Imlie to take pheras with Atharva and pray for herself.

Imlie takes pheras. Her dupatta gets stuck in Atharva’s cuff and he walks behind her. Atharva thinks how to ask Imlie in front of everyone what has happened. Imlie thinks she needs to question Atharva as a friend. Devika thinks knowingly or unknowingly Imlie and Atharva took pheras together. Chini stands jealous. Akash asks Keya shall they take pheras. Keya says they don’t need it as true love is forever. Imlie recalls Chini’s words and says Keya is right, nobody can come between true love. She walks away from there, leaving her supporters sad. Atharva finds Imlie’s dupatta piece in his cuff. Anu tells Chini that though she sow a seed of doubt in Imlie’s mind, it will not grow into a plant in Imlie’s mind. Chini says she knows Imlie very well, Imlie will surely try to reconcile her and Arto’s relationship.

Atharva tells Imlie that he tried to inform her about Anu and Chini’s calls, but she wasn’t ready to listen at all, he can’t see her sad and its okay if she goes away from him to punish him but never get angry on him. Imlie says she is not angry on him as she knows he is not lying and trusts him. Atharva happily tries to hug him but stops. They both stand nervous. Atharva then thanks her and says he is very happy. She says she is happy for him and says Chini wants to meet her. Atharva says regarding what. Imlie says she doesn’t know. Atharva says he will meet Chini only in front of Imlie as he is tired of Chini’s messages and feels irritated now. Imlie insists him to meet Chini once and says a few things can’t be discussed even in front of friends. Atharva says she is not his friend, but a best friend.

Imlie says he should meet Chini for the sake of their friendship then, she knows what a broken heart feels. Atharva says he wants to moe on holding her hand, but she wants to free her hand. She shows him 2 fingers and asks to pick one, thinking choosing middle means he will meet Chini. Atharva asks if she is sure about it. She says yes. He chooses middle finger. She thinks if Chini is Atharva’s love, nobody can stop him from reuniting with her. Atharva asks if he should meet Chini or not. She says yes, he should meet Chini tomorrow and decided amicably what they want. Atharva stands sad. Imlie asks why he is not happy. Atharva says she knows the reason and asks if he can stay with her for some time. She says no as he should get habituated to stay alone.

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