Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 19th January 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Kat telling Kamlesh that something came in her mind. She says this night camp is not good for your health. Kamlesh says he and his bones are both strong, as he does exercise. Kat says you can’t bear Papa’s belt and says people might doubt your intention and might break your bone. Kamlesh says my bone is dear to me. She asks him to make safe plan. He says we will go now and will return by night. Kat says amazing. Malaika comes there. Kat says they are pressurize to study and will do top. Malaika says what a joke? Kamlesh asks if you thought about focus. Malaika asks Kat to come with her and have Momos. Kat says she is going with Kamlesh, sits with him and goes. Malaika sees blanket and blanket on his bike and gets doubtful.


Manohar comes back to the PS and sees Resham Pal and happu massaging Gupta’s hands and feet. He acts to cry and says why didn’t you take their lives before showing this day. Resham Pal says this thing shall not go out. Manohar assures him and makes video.

Rajjo, vimlesh and Amma are going out again. Rajjo asks if you are going out. Amma says I have planned to go out with Poonam. Rajjo says Poonam has changed Amma’s lifestyle. Amma asks where are they going and says your legs are not staying at home. She says she will be late and asks her not to wait. Vimlesh asks Rajjo if she saw? Rajjo says she was going happily. Beni calls Happu and asks him to come fast, else their wives will get busy somewhere. He says we will handle the matter.

Hritik and Ranbir see Chamchi with Pinto and asking him to come to canteen. Pinto refuses. Hritik and Ranbir ask Pinto to move away. Chamchi says we are going to have bread pakoda in canteen. Hritik asks him to go. Pinto says they both are mannerless. He runs. Chamchi says he is with me in science project. Ranbir asks if you got only this boy. Chamchi says he is my friend. Hritik says Pinto’s mind is corrupt and asks her not to be with him again. They call Happu and tell him about Chamchi meeting Pinto. Hritik asks him to see her. Happu asks them to beat Pinto. Hritik says she is not listening and asks him to see his girl. Happu asks Gupta to take back his curse. Gupta says he is angry and wants to have omelette. Happu asks him to go and have it. He then asks Manohar to bring it. Gupta says you will shall make it here and asks Resham Pal to bring it. Gupta says phone might come. Resham Pal says phone will not come again. He gets DIG’s call again , who scolds him again for not clearing a small file. He says my name is Bansi and threatens to suspend him. Resham Pal gets ready to suspend him. Rajjo and Vimlesh are in the car with Jayesh and Suresh and are stuck in traffic. Vimesh says Beni will be worried. Rajjo blames Vimlesh for insisting to go to have free burger. Jayesh says we will play like in childhood. Inspector tells that oil tanker met with an accident. Suresh asks if we will spend night here. Inspector says no and looks at Vimlesh and Rajjo. Rajjo asks if he identified us. Vimlesh says no, jiju haven’t done big thing to become popular. Suresh says they shall go to hotel near by. They refuse and then goes. Inspector looks on.

Amma and Bhatia are in the auto and are stuck in traffic. Amma gets worried. Bhatia says we shall go to hotel indecent till the way gets cleared. He says they will have food. Amma warns him not to have any bad idea.

Kamlesh and Kat are in the traffic too. Kamlesh tells that they can’t go due to the oil tempo falling upside down. He says they shall go to hotel indecent and have food. Kat says ok.

Manohar entertains Gupta, while Resham Pal and Happu are making omelette for Gupta. Manohar signs Gupta. Gupta asks them to apply butter on the sandwich. He teases them. Manohar signs Gupta to get omelette made for him also. Resham Pal asks Happu to cut the onion.

Malaika calls Happu and tells that Kat and Kamlesh went for camping. She asks him to do something as tent is one and they are two. Happu cries and asks Resham Pal to get the curse cancelled. He fears the worst.

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