Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 20th January 2023 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with David pleading David to let them have some water for Anand’s medicine. David feels good, he takes a glass of water to Bhim Rao and throws the water away in front of him. Joshi and other laugh.

Anand feels a little warm, he tells Meera that he is going upstairs. Anand takes a few steps than faints. Meera shouts for help but there was no one. She gets up to find Bhim Rao and Ramji.
David wants Bhim Rao to plead in front of him 10 or 20 times more. Bhim Rao gets back to his knees, but Rama stops him. Joshi reminds Rama that her stopping wont help anyone, he will not let anyone have a drop of water. If it wasn’t for being Bhim Rao’s wife Rama would have done anything to take water from this well, but she cannot. Ramji steps forward to tell that his patience here is something he always taught Bhim Rai himself. Meera comes to inform that Anand has fainted. Lakshmi recalls doctor suggesting him to take medicine on time or he will faint, in case he faints he must take medicines on time. Lakshmi takes a glass of water from the table in front of everyone and runs away. Everyone goes behind her except Jijabai. She has found it as a golden opportunity to take water from the well. She drinks some from the glass, fills her bucket and leaves.

Everyone follows Lakshmi. She comes to Anand who was lying on the ground unconscious. She goes upstairs, mix the medicine in the glass. She tries to pour the medicine in Anand’s mouth but he doesn’t wake up. Joshi and everyone else barge in the chawl. Joshi orders his men to snatch the glass from Lakshmi’s hand and throw it away. The men were about to do so but Bhim Rao steps in. Ramji and everyone follow. Bhim Rao threatens them to step back or he would have to touch them. Anand wakes up forbidding everyone from stepping forward towards his family, he will not spare anyone. He, Bhim Rao, and Ramji send everyone back. Joshi questions Anand’s audacity to threaten them. He would kill him, Anand should have taught his thief wife not to break laws. Bhim Rao has the answer, she did what she could to save a life. They can argue on her method but can not call her a thief. If the oppression continues like this water crisis, everyone of the lower caste would be forced to break the laws. Joshi taunts him for being a hypocrite. Bhim Rao don’t expect everyone to follow his rule. For what Lakshmi did today, Bhim Rao would have done the same for Rama. Men wants Lakshmi to face the punishment. Mohan and Nandu question, they are ready to compete whatever befalls them. The word competition ignites Joshi, he calls his men to start a fight. Joshi holds them off, for now they must leave. Everyone will face their punishment but not right now. David will hurt Bhim Rao in a place he will never forget. David left. Joshi will surely punish everyone, he leaves. Bhim Rao suggests everyone to go as well, the water crisis hasn’t ended yet. He asks Anand and Lakshmi to stay behind. Jijabai enter the chawl with her bucket filled with water, she asks everyone to fill theirs as well. Now she will make food and eat for herself. Hitesh praises Jijabai, he could have done that as well. Meer taunts Hitesh, he forgets his needs in his hatred against Bhim Rao while Jijabai takes care of both. Ramji asks Jijabai to make food for herself only.

Everyone goes back to protesting around the well. Varchand and others enjoy their meal while the chawl members are sitting in hunger and thirst. Joshi and Varchand argues how the chawl members are stubborn and lazy, they could have used well of their own caste. Rama asks Bhim Rao for a solution; nobody has eaten anything since morning. Bhim Rao wonders the same, police and officials are no help. No one wants to pick a fight with David.

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