Durga Aur Charu 23rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Bholi says you saved me, you are my family Charu. Charu says she ruined my game. Bholi wonders what is Chatur up to. She says Chatur was asking me about Makay. Chumki says I didn’t even tell the ghost. Bholi says what is happening between Chatur and Durga. Whose enemy is he? I have to find this game. Durga says Bholi has doubts about you. Charu says we have changed our plan.

Bholi says I am so hungry. Chatur says here’s breakfast for you. Bholi says can die for this halwa poori. Chatur says you’re mine. Bholi says I don’t trust you. Charu says what should I do to get your trust? Bholi says take me to Charu. I know Charu is helping Durga, find out where she is. You have tog getr me Charu to win my trust. Charu tells Durga and says I had to say yes. Durga says Bholi is very clever. We can make them meet each other. Durga says Bholi will come in front of you. You have to accuse her so much and provoke her that she ends up saying the truth. I will bring Sampurna and Dada ji there. Charu says that’s such a good idea. Let’s do that today;

Scene 2
Chumki hears Durga speaking to Charu on the phone that she will meet Charu at 3. Chatur tells Bholi they are meeting in the jungle. Bholi says why should I trust you? Charu says I heard them talking. You should go there and catch that Charu. Bholi says that Charu is a coward. Chatur says now you’re scared of that Charu? Bholi says I don’t know if I should trust him or not. I’ve to be careful. Chumki comes to her. She tells Durga was speaking to Charu on call. They are going to meet in the jungle at 3. Charu was saying they have a lot of proof. Bholi says that means Chatur wasn’t lying. I will meet Charu today.

Scene 3
Charu is int he jungle/ Durga is out with Binoy and Sampuran. She says we will get late. Sampurna says she got an assignment from school to do research on the jungle. She has to go there. Binoy says okay let’s go. Bholi comes to Charu and says you were waiting for Durga right? But I came here. I love you so much. They fight. Charu ties Bholi. Charu waits for Durga. Sampurna and Binoy come there. She tries to take them inside. Charu says to Bholi tell me what did you do to my dad? Bholi says I will never tell the truth. Charu hits her. She says I will put this honey on you and honey bees would have a good day stinging you. And these ants. Bholi screams. She says don’t do this. Charu says then say the truth. Bholi screams no. Durga says someone needs help. She rushes there. Charu says what did you do to my dad? I will this honey on your face next. Bholi says I will tell. makay.. I.. Makay.. She laughs.

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