Category: Durga Aur Charu

“Durga Aur Charu” is a Hindi-language serial aired on Zee TV in India. The show was produced by Rajesh Chadha, Rajesh Ram Singh and Rajan Shahi. The journal premiered on the 27th of December 2021, and it stars Shraddha Arya and Neha Marda in lead roles.
The show is a family drama that revolves around the lives of two sisters, Durga and Charu, and their challenges in their personal and professional lives. The show was well-received by audiences for its strong cast performances and emotional storytelling.
As of my knowledge, the cut-off, which is 2021, the serial has yet to air, and the airing schedule has yet to be announced. To get the most up-to-date and accurate information on the show, you can check the official website and social media accounts of Zee TV or other Indian television channels.