Category: Bhagya Lakshmi

“Bhagya Lakshmi” is a Hindi-language serial aired on Zee TV in India. The show was produced by Rajesh Chadha, Rajesh Ram Singh and Rajan Shahi. The magazine premiered on the 15th of September 2014, and it stars Shraddha Arya as Bhagya Lakshmi, the show’s protagonist, a young girl who is orphaned and faces many challenges in her personal and professional life. The show also stars Vaishali Thakkar, Abhishek Rawat and Charu Asopa in lead roles.
The show was well-received by audiences for its portrayal of a realistic picture of the life of a young orphan girl, as well as its strong performances by the cast and its emotional storytelling. The serial ran for over a year and ended on the 1st of October 2015.