Bigg Boss 16 23rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Day 113
Everyone wakes up and sings the anthem. Archana says all milk would expire. Keep it in the closet. Tina says let it be. Arcana cooks, and she says I don’t have ginger either.
Stan says I will gym all day today. What does she eat? Shiv laughs. Archana says Nimrit the dustbin is all dirty and out. Nimrit says I can’t force anyone. Archana says this is too dirty. Shiv says now she’s hanging out with people she doesn’t like either. Shiv says I don’t get it. Shiv says Shalin was up all night. He was walking around. Stan says he is acting all distressed now. Archana shouts that the dustbin isn’t clean. Stan and Priyanka laugh that she wants to be seen no matter what. Archana does work out. Tina says who do you wanna hit? Shiv says Priyanka does meditation. Archana says to look at Shiv, talk about meditation and think about others. Stan says Sun God won’t come if you’re so negative. Priyanka says see how will I shut up him up.

2:15 PM
Archana says the doctor asked me how is your stool. I thought he was talking about the chair. I said we don’t have stool in the washroom. Tina opens the washroom light for Stan. She says I had to walk all 10 steps. Archana says don’t go near you will die with the smell.

3:45 PM
Nirmit says I can’t live in such a dirty room. The boys won’t clean it. Archana screams in the kitchen. Everyone goes in. They ask Archana what happened. She shouts and screams. She says there is a lizard there. I am so scared of them. Shiv says it came because of you. She says you are a chameleon. Priyanka says stop screaming. Nimrit says to Tina is it not unfair to me not to have this shelf? Tina says I have had this shelf from day one. Nimrit says you never adjust. You sound like a very spoiled person when you behave like this. Tina says you can ask others. She says you can’t use a shelf for small things where clothes can be placed. Tina says don’t shout at me. Nimrit says you always do this. Tina says I was talking to you politely.

Nimrit says Tina what’s the solution. You still have space. I have no space. I wasn’t getting personal. Tina says we will figure out a way. She leaves. Priyanka says she wants to make a point. Sumbul says to Nimrit Shalin has no one to talk to you. Nimrit says he’s playing the sympathy card. Shalin says I have to be there for myself. He talks to himself. Nimrit asks Shalin are you okay? He says when I close my eyes I see thoughts, I can’t sleep. She says I know it. Nimrit says to imagine the outside world. It’s just temporary then you will have life. You need to sleep. If you wanna talk let me know.

6 PM
Priyanka says to Stan BB is announcing for you to wake up. Archana says he never wakes up. Stan says I came here for you. Shiv says what would we do without you. Archana says who would love you if I wasn’t here. Stan laughs.

Stan and Priyanka wash the dishes. They laugh. Shiv says Stan you’re going positive. Archana says to Nimrit you never correct your own friends. Nimrit says I do that but not in front of everyone. Archana says to respect your friends but choose yourself over others. Nimrit says yes of course. Nimrit says to Sumbul I don’t understand Stan and Shiv are talking to Priyanka and Tina. But I have been avoiding Shalin. Sumbul says we can’t stop anyone from talking to anyone else. You can talk to Shalin. Nimrit says we can’t cut out people. There are not enough people. I love them as friends but I can’t just be their friends. Sumbul says yes right.

Priyanka asks Archana why didn’t you cook? Archana asks Tina did you cook chicken for him? Tina says I had to. Archana says I want BB to tell me to speak in Hindi, I want that good English. She tries to speak in English. She asks Stan where are you going without clothes? Priyanka and Tina laugh. Shalin says three of them are laughing. They have lost it. Archana says Stan and Shiv hot boys. I like the color. Shiv says it’s a color of positivity. Archana says speaks in English. Shiv says this show is Hindi. Archana says I don’t know Hindi. Shiv says you look like a lizard. Archana says you look like a crocodile. Archana asks what will you do in life next? Shalin says nxt step he takes in life, he will regret it. Shiv says exactly. Shiv says the lizard is black with a black mind. Priyanka says she is joking. Shiv says I am joking too. Priyanka says he crosses the line. Tina says and Shalin said this next step you will regret in life. Priyanka says yes he had interfered for no reason. Archana says I wasn’t asking. Archana says Shiv thinks he’s on top. He’s very proud. Priyanka says Archana handled it well but Shiv did cross the limit.

12:15 AM
Archana asks Shalin did you mean I would regret it? He says he said it. Archana says you said it. Are you trying to get into mandali because no one is talking to you. He says I didn’t like you cracking jokes at him. Archana says I was joking only and trying to laugh around with English. Shalin says I didn’t like what you were saying, Archana, says why would I regret anything. I am not scared. Shiv and Stan laugh.

Nimrit says to Archana no one is talking to him. Archana says yes Soundarya left, so he is trying to get in Shiv’s good books. Nimrit says Shiv isn’t an idiot, he knows Shalin. Archana says Shiv needs votes to save himself from nominations. Archana says he’s not messing with anyone. He isn’t messing with Tina and Priyanka at all.

Day 114
8:45 AM
Tina wakes up. She feels agitated. Stan says Archana is still sleeping. She doesn’t let others sleep. Shalin says she was making fun of Shiv’s English last night. Shiv says this Hindi show, I know Hindi so I am here. Shalin says she was saying you want to go to mandali. Shiv says she’s talking to Nimrit, so she’s trying to come to mandali. Shalin says now she’s friends with Priyanka and Tina as well. Priyanka says to do prayers in the morning, not gossip. Shalin says to ignore them.

Archana sings a song. She laughs. Sumbul says Archana says I do what I want. Stan says like Priyanka’s spoon. She tells her song to everyone. Stan and Shiv run. Shalin says it’s not good. Priyanka says jealous people demotivate you. Shalin says she has to get into everything. Priyanka says like you did last night. Don’t act smart in front of me. Shalin says Priyanka has no point, she will get into other people’s points. This is how she sets narratives and ruines their characters. Priyanka says to learn to accept your mistakes and correct them. Shiv and Stan laugh. Tina says he’s the most ill-mannered. Shalin says now I am ill-mannered. Tina says I am talking to Priyanka, not you. Priyanka says don’t talk to her if she doesn’t want to talk to you. Shiv says Shalin let me be. Archana says run from here. Nimrit says to Tina Shalin thought you all were making fun of Shiv’s English. Priyanka says we were joking and Archana doesn’t know English herself. Shalin says to Archana to learn to take jokes too. Shiv says we were joking. Shiv says we have nothing with you both. Priyanka says trying to be in good books to save himself from nominations. Everyone knows your truth.

10:30 AM
Shalin says Priyanka is doing this on purpose to show me like an angry person. Shalin says then she walks out. Shalin leaves. Stan says I don’t get this man either. Priyanka and Tina count Shiv’s push-ups. Shalin says they are laughing at me every time. Nimrit says just ignore, there’s not point. Priyanka comes an says Archana I am just enjoying myself. Priyanka says he’s provoking Shiv.

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