Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Rano asking Lakshmi to do make up properly. She stops. Shalu asks her to vent out her anger on her and pretends as if Lakshmi is whispering something in her ears. She says you can say sorry to Chachi after marriage. Rano thinks she will get lakhs from Balwinder after marriage. Ayush jokes. Bani asks him to get serious. He asks her to make Lakshmi wear the burqa. Bani and Shalu try to make Lakshmi wear burqa.

Neelam tells Virender that she can’t bear anymore and will go. Virender says you only agreed to come here. Neelam says I didn’t know that cheap people will be here. Virender asks her to sit and tells that it was Lakshmi’s wish that we shall attend this wedding. He says don’t know if we can meet her later or not. Neelam says how can you sit here? Virender says for my daughter. Dadi says that Ballu might take her far from here, let us see her fully today.

Bani tells Ayush that Balwinder’s Chachi is keeping eye on them. Shalu asks Ayush to take Lakshmi, and says she will distract balwinder’s Chachi. Ayush asks if you can manage. Shalu says yes. He asks if she wants to hug him as a friend. Shalu goes to distract Balwinder’s Chachi. She goes out and tells that her eyes are burning due to the kajal. Chachi asks what shall I do? Shalu says Lakshmi’s eyes are also burning. Chachi refuses to go. Shalu says she will tell balwinder. Chachi gets afraid and goes to get water. Shalu comes back and asks Ayush to take Lakshmi outside with Bani, and then call her, she will come out.

Rishi is driving the car. His innerself appears beside him and asks what happened to him. Rishi says he was feeling suffocated. His innerself says you was missing Lakshmi and was angry that Lakshmi is going to marry Balwinder. Rishi says yes, I am angry and something is happening in my body, but I can’t do anything. His innerself tells that only he can stop Lakshmi’s marriage. Rishi says Mom and Dad have decided to do her kanyadaan.

Chachi brings water and gives to Shalu. Shalu says Balwinder will praise you. Chachi says she wants money. Shalu asks her to demand 4 lakhs Rs. She goes to room and waits for Ayush’s call. Rishi tells that Lakshmi doesn’t listen to anyone. His innerself asks what does she do, when you ask her not to risk her life for you. Rishi says she doesn’t listen to me and risks her life to save me. His innerself asks him to jumped in and save her. He says you both are separated on paper, but not by hearts. He says may be Lakshmi also feels the same and asks if you stop the marriage. Rishi says he will save Lakshmi and will hear his heart, and will not let her marry balwinder. He says she has saved me, and now I will not let her life be in danger. He says even if she beat me, then also I will stop her marriage. His innerself says lets do it.

Ayush and Bani come out and sees Guddu and others. Bani tells Ayush that Guddu and others are there and asks him to hide with Lakshmi. Ayush says he can’t lift Lakshmi more. Bani says she will hold her sister, if she is so heavy for him. Ayush asks her to pray to babaji. Bani prays and Guddu and other friend leave from there. Ayush makes Lakshmi sit in the car. He asks Bani to call Shalu. He says his phone is off and asks her to call her. Bani says even she has forgotten the phone. Ayush asks Bani to go and call Shalu from someone’s phone. She thinks Mama ji must be having the phone. Shalu calls Ayush and Bani and thinks what to do? She thinks Ayush might have taken di from here and thinks even she shall leave. Chachi comes there and asks where is Lakshmi? Shalu says she is in washroom. Chachi asks where is Bani? Shalu says she went to Rano. Chachi asks Shalu not to go until Lakshmi gets ready.

Kamli is about to go, when her foot get hit by something. She thinks how she will go now. Rishi sees Malishka running on the road and two goons are behind her. Rishi turns his car to go to Malishka.

Ayush comes back to car and thinks if Bani reached Shalu. Bani comes there and says she couldn’t go inside as Balwinder’s friends are inside. Ayush says they shall leave, and tells that Shalu is clever and will manage. He says AC is off, Bhabhi might be feeling hot. He looks inside the car and finds Lakshmi missing. He asks Bani if she saw Lakshmi. Balwinder asks Guddu to go somewhere. Malishka falls down near the gate. The goons come to her. Malishka throws her purse on them. The goon tells that they want bag girl also. Rishi is searching her and calling her name. Malishka kicks the goons and runs. She collides with Rishi. The goons come there.

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