Banni Chow Home Delivery 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Banni shifts to her basti house with Atharva and tells Atharva that she is sure that his papa will return for him soon as he can’t stay away from Atharva. Kabir misses Banni and recalls her hugging him. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Banni also misses Kabir. Kabir imagines Yuvan in front of him who asks him to accept his love for Banni and the fact that he can’t live without Banni and Atharva. Kabir refuses. Yuvan asks him to start a new life with them and disappears. Kabir breaks down.

Banni finds Atharva/Kanha missing and informs Vishnu. Vishnu says she must be somewhere here. Basti people say they will find Kanha. Banni doubts if Kabir took Kanha away. Kabir enters holding Atharva with a baraat and asks Banni if she would like to become his wife and Atharva’s mother. Banni cries emotionally. He asks if she would like be become a salt and sweet in their lives which would complete them. Rathod family insists B anni to say yes. Banni agrees. Whole Rathod family dance with happiness.

After a few days, Kabir shoots an advertisement for Banni Chow home delivery and describes how Banni changed his life with her unique food and cooking style. Banni gets emotional hearing him. Kabir walks to her and asks if she is ready to grow her home delivery business. She says she is feeling nervous but wants to fulfill her dream. He holds her hand and shoots an ad with him. They both recall their first meeting and the the events happened till now. She feeds him her special Yuvan sweet kheer. Kabir enjoys and demands for more kheer. Their nok jhok starts. They then gets lost in each other’s eyes.

Banni chow home delivery business grows exponentially. Rathod family helps her expand her business. Kabir tells Banni that soon he will be opening a chain of restaurants for her and never thought a cooking journey would be so beautiful. He clicks a family selfie.

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