Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 20th January 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Lakhan saying Ram didn’t talk to me well. Yash says he is upset, talk to him and convince him. Lakhan says I won’t beg to him. Yash asks him to think what’s more imp for him, his ego or Avni. He goes. Lakhan thinks I might lose my Avni because of Ram. Ram and Priya come to the café. He says I m thinking of our family. He switches on the lights and surprises her. She sees the lovely surprise and asks what’s this. He says I asked Pihu to do all this. They have a sweet talk.

She says we met here for the first time on call. They have a good time. He asks her to play a game. He says read this and guess the thing. She says you don’t want to sleep and do these grand things, you know how your wife is. He jokes on her. He says don’t fight with me, I feel scared of you. She says your clue is these two letters, P and R, our names, I know the baby name if Pihu kept this name, that’s Prachi. Ram asks how. She says when Pihu was little, she had two dolls, she named them Prachi and Prachi’s sister. He says you know us well. She says I want you to get a daughter. She jokes. He says come with me to get the third clue. He takes her. They have a romantic dance. Haan banke rahun….plays…

Lakhan recalls Swati’s words. He says she is ready to leave me, she seems like an outsider today, Ram doesn’t want to help me, I m fine alone. Sid and Shubham come there. Lakhan says I will go against Ram and won’t let him come between Avni and me. Shubham says who will believe he is Ram’s brother. Sid says yes, I have asked Yash to come to me with Avni’s alliance, she will be just mine. Nandini meets Swati.

She asks why did you come to meet Ram, you don’t love Ram, so you don’t worry for his life. Swati says stop it, I lost him to save him, today I lost his love and respect, he hates me, what do you want now, you are also a mum, don’t you have a heart. Nandini says you forgot that I had saved your Ram from a murder which happened by his hand, recall that incident.

FB shows Nandini seeing Virender do the work. The man says you are working here. Virender says yes, I got a new work but I will get money after few months. Nandini gives a file to him. He says I m living my life well with my wife, I really love her. Swati and Ram come and meet him. Nandini gives him a chocolate. He asks them to stay outside, he will finish the work and come. The man asks Virender to give a pen, its urgent. Virender gives the pen and says get it back, my son had given it to me. The man drops the pen. Ram says its my dad’s pen, leave it. Nandini comes. The tiffin falls off her hand. She sees them fighting. The man asks Ram to leave the pen. He slips down by stepping on the sauce. Ram pulls the pen. The man falls down the window. Nandini says I will call an ambulance, you both just do. Ram says I didn’t push him. Swati hugs him. FB ends.

Swati asks Nandini not to remind her. Nandini asks her to recall. FB shows Nandini saying Ram has killed that man just for a pen, I m the witness of this incident and your son will get punished. Swati says no, just do something. Nandini says I will do, but I have a condition. Swati demands money to Virender. He asks why are you leaving Ram and me, I will get money soon, don’t go. Swati says I got someone else who can give me a better life. She gives the letter to Nandini. She says I m leaving Ram and Virender forever, don’t tell anything to the police, give a good life to Ram. Nandini says he will live and also stay free. Swati goes. FB ends. Swati says I did everything to save my son. Nandini says you made a mistake to return here.

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