Ajooni 24th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Shikha comes to Ajooni’s room and finds her mother there. She says I wanted to congratulate you for Meher, she silently puts the fake necklace in her bag. Ajooni comes there and says what are you doing here? Shikha says I was just talking to her. Bebe calls everyone to the lounge.

Ravindra asks Harman where did the family necklace go? Aman says I don’t know as I was sleeping for the last few days. Ravindra says you shouldn’t have been sleeping then. Shikha says don’t scold her. Ravindra says what if you have stolen it? I still have my doubt that you gave her bhaang, if I find you behind all this then I won’t spare you. Shikha says if you doubt me so much then go and check my room. Ravindra says lets go and see then. They all check Shikha’s room but don’t find the necklace there. She says now are you all satisfied? my room was searched so Ajooni’s room should be searched too. Ajooni says fine, I didn’t do anything. Harman checks Ajooni’s room but doesn’t find the necklace. All look on.

Ravindra tells the family that its not a small deal that our family necklace got stolen, its so important for us. He says I am going for work and the necklace should be back when I am back, he leaves. Shikha tells Bebe that only Ajooni’s mother was not searched. Ajooni asks her to shut up, she is my mother. Bebe says Shikha is right, she came here so she should be searched. Ajooni says not at all, I wouldn’t let anyone allege her. Bebe says if she haven’t done anything then why are you stopping her? Ajooni’s mother says let them search my bag if they want to. Harman checks her bag and finds the fake necklace in it. All are shocked. Bebe shouts such a betrayal? She slaps Ajooni and says we made you our daughter in law and you did this? we did so much for you and you are paying us back like this? Ajooni’s mother cries and says I promise I didn’t steal it. Bebe says we found it in your bag only, you should be ashamed of doing this. Shikha says if it was me then papa would have thrown me out but no one will do anything against Ajooni, even her family has not standard. Ajooni asks her to shut up. Bebe says Ajooni and her mother should be punished. Ajooni cries and says we didn’t do anything. Bebe asks Chanku to bring color. She applies it on Ajooni while she cries. Shikha smirks. Bebe applies it on Ajooni’s mother also. Shikha smirks. Someone has made their video, they all leave. Ajooni cries and hugs her mother.

Shikha calls her mother and says no one doubted me and they all blamed Ajooni and her mother. She ends the call.

Dolly recorded Bebe applying color to Ajooni. She says I have got them all insulted and now I have a proof against Bagga family.

Ajooni comes to her father’s house and tells them what happened there. Her mother is crying because she was humiliated. Subhash is angry hearing all that.

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