Agnisakshi 23rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

The show starts with a voiceover of the little girl Jhanvi describing Jeevika saying who has magic stick in her hand and has golden dreams in her eyes, she might be worried, but she always has a smile on her face, her hair used to scattered in air and it seems like her feet is on the sky. Jeevika is shown using the sewing machine and stitching something. Her sister Swara is shown asking Jhanvi not to stare her sister. Jeevika shows the blouse which she has stitched and asks how it is? They say it is good. Jhanvi asks her to teach her stitching. Jeevika asks her to grow up fast and asks her to get ready to go to school first. Jhanvi’s mother calls her. Jhanvi runs away. Jeevika and Swara says Vahini. Jhanvi’s mother is in the kitchen and tells Aai that whatever money she saves in chit fund, uses in the house, but your son refused to give me money even this month. Aai says if he is just my son, and not your husband? Jhanvi’s mother says he is just son and brother and that’s why he has money for medicines and books for you all and nothing for me. Her husband Pradeep keep the money on the bed for the expenses and gets thinking. Aai asks her to adjust for some days. Jhanvi’s mother asks if I will win lottery in few days. Aai comes to her husband and asks if the money is 80000 Rs. He asks if the money increases with counting then we would have become Raja. She says this house is not less than a palace for her. He says 20000 Rs is less. Door bell rings. She opens the door. The goon comes inside and sits. Jeevika’s father says he was about to come and calls Pradeep. Pradeep gives him 11000 Rs. They give 91000 Rs to the goon. Goon calls other goon and asks him to bring tempo to take all the furniture, bike etc. Jeevika searches for the money and calls Pradeep. She gives him 8000 Rs. She searches for more 1000 Rs and gets it in the piggy bank. She gives the money to Pradeep. Jeevika’s father gives money to the goon. The goon says he shall get the money on time else he will bring truck next time. He threatens them and leaves. Pradeep asks his sisters why did they come infront of the goon. Swara asks if we will keep quiet seeing him threatening us. She says once I get job, then I will throw money on his face. Pradeep says 42 lakhs are due, what we have given is interest per month. Jhanvi’s mother says we shall get habitual to this insult.

A young lady (Satvik’s Bhabhi) is shown going yoga in the garden and smiles. She goes and drinks something. Jeevika asks her sister to help her, in delivering the clothes to a customer. Swara asks why she wants to give it now. Jeevika says she has to go for interview. Aai hears and asks why you want to work. Jhanvi’s mother comes there and asks what is the problem? Aai says Jeevika always wanted to get married and settled down. Jhanvi says you shall be happy that she is taking up this responsibility, and says we have to return 42 lakhs. Jeevika takes Aai and Vahini’s blessings and go for interview with Swara.

The lady gets ready and goes to Shlok, who is boxing. She asks him to take retirement from the gloves. Shlok says he has taken and calls her bhabhi. She says she has booked it already. She asks him to come down for aarti. She comes to Aadhya’s room. Aadhya touches her feet and asks if doctor called. The lady says she will not let anything wrong happen. She comes to Juhi’s room and asks her to get ready for aarti. She calls Doctor. Doctor says Dr. Ashok is available today for surgery, but your father in law is refusing to get surgery done. The lady says she will convince her father in law for the surgery and says he can’t ignore her sayings.

Swara asks Jeevika why she doesn’t feel bad about Vahini’s words and says you manage Jhanvi and my fees, and Vahini spends money unnecessarily. Jeevika gets down the scooty and asks Swara to deliver the clothes. She goes. The lady does aarti and tells Shlok, Juhi and Aadhya about their Papa. Shlok says Papa’s decision depends on Satvik’s agreement for marriage. He says Satvik Bhaiyya has done so much for Papa. The lady says we have to search solution for the problem. Juhi says don’t know where is he?

Satvik gets down from his big car and asks someone to call him at 10:17 am sharp. He walks inside his office. The employee tells others that they will know in 10 seconds, if boss likes the design or not. Satvik comes there and tells that he has seen the designs already. He says these designs are very bad. The employee tells that the artiste is Asia’s number 1 designer and studied in Paris. Satvik says I don’t care. He says the artiste shall know emotions, and our products are female centric. He says if there is a fresher then I am ready to hire him/her. He says now it is time to win South Indian’s heart after conquering everywhere. He says he wants his Papa to inaugurate his mysore plant. He asks Sampath if his Papa will be happy with te expansion. Sampath says he will be happy. The lady/Satvik Bhabhi comes there and says he will not be happy.

Jeevika gives interview and shows her designs to the employer. He says I want 5 years experience. Jeevika says she doesn’t have any experience. She says this is her first job, she decided to do job due to family problems. The employer says she shall not say truth that may lead her to loss. She says Aaji says that we shall not lie. He asks what else she says. She says that we shall not keep slipper upside down. He says you can be at my place after 5 years. She says after 5 years, she will have her husband, and 2-3 kids. He asks if you are joking? She says it was my dream. The employer smiles hearing her.

Satvik asks his Bhabhi why papa will not get happy with the expansion. The lady says he has seen expansion and success in business, and he wants to see you married and wanted to stay with your children. He says he is ready to marry, but Supriya doesn’t agree or disagree. He says he sends gift to her every week, but she didn’t reply like always. The lady asks him to move on and get married to Supriya or someone else. Satvik says I will marry just Supriya.

The employer tells Jeevika that becoming a housewife can be helplessness and not an ambition. She says she is ambitious to become a wife, mother and daughter in law. He asks why shall I give you job. She tells that she has to repay loan of 42 lakhs. He likes her honesty and says you can start from tomorrow. Jeevika gets happy. The employer asks if you didn’t completed your education after 12th and haven’t done fashion designing course also.

The lady tells Satvik that she is talking to him. Satvik says Supriya messaged and called him. He asks her to tell Papa that he will bring his bahu today. The lady asks if he will bring her to the hospital. Satvik says yes.

Jeevika says I wanted to study further, but couldn’t study due to the family problems. The employer says sorry, we are wasting each other’s time. Jeevika says she has made these designs herself and asks if qualification is so important. He says yes, and says sorry. Jeevika goes from there.

Jeevika comes to the temple and meets an old lady sitting outside. She greets her. The lady says there is a sparkle in your eyes today. Jeevika says it was tears, as she didn’t get the job. The lady says it was not your destination and tells that today it is the day to get Krishna. She says you will get your Krishna today, and he will meet you in such a way that even the story writer writing it might haven’t thought about it. Jeevika looks hopeful. Satvik is in the car on the way to meet Supriya.

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